King Henry joins the 2,000 yard men

King Henry joins the 2,000 yard men
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Derrick Henry has joined the 2,000 yard men. An exclusive club of pro backs who have broken the magical 2,000 yards rushing in a season barrier.

If you did a cursory search online prior to this you might have thought there have only been seven people to do this before Henry. Even the Pro Football Hall of Fame only listed seven 2,000 yard men.

Which if you are looking at just NFL history is fine. But it doesn’t cover it all because two other major Pro leagues have had someone achieve it too.

The CFL saw Mike Pringle have the league’s only ever 2,000 yard season and the USFL saw Herschel Walker go over the magic mark too.

You can find more about them here in an article we ran in February. An article we will update once ‘King Henry’ has finished his playoff run and this years awards have been announced.

Derick Henry – the newest 2,000 yard man

2,000 yard season Stats: 378 carries, 2,027 yards, 5.3 yards per carry, 17 Touchdowns, averaging 126.69 yards per game.

This is Henry’s fifth season with the Titans. And it is clear he has hit a purple patch in his short career. For the second straight year he is the leading NFL rusher by yardage and rushing touchdown scorer.

After spending the first years of his career splitting time in the backfield in 2019 Henry became the clear backfield number one in Tennessee. A move that has paid dividends for him and the team. In these two years he has amassed 3,567 yards and 33 touchdowns.

King Henry the Durable

If we were to give the King an accolade aside from his skill, power and footwork it might just be his durability. A sentiment echoed by Titans Coach Mike Vrabel who said of Henry, “He’s incredibly durable, incredibly productive”.

The Titans are the first franchise with two 2,000-yard rushers, as Chris Johnson tallied 2,006 rushing yards in 2009.

As well as being the first NFL player to run for 2,000 yards since Adrian Peterson with the Minnesota Vikings in 2012, Henry also became the first player to win back-to-back rushing crowns since LaDainian Tomlinson from 2006 to 2007.

There are now eight members of the NFL 2,000 yard club. Four are in the Hall of Fame. One good sign for Henry is that since 1970, seven players have won consecutive rushing titles, and all are now in the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

It will be interesting to see how we look back on Henry’s career compared to the others. But for now let’s raise a toast to the newest 2,000 yard man.

Congratulations King Henry!

Banner Image: King Henry joins the 2,000 yard club. Image from Sbnation

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