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In case you missed out big announcement, We are going to the Senior Bowl!

Here at NinetynineYards we recently communicated the launch of a new feature, DRAFT TALK! Two of our team will be attending the Senior Bowl (virtually of course) and will be keeping you up to date with the action.

This year’s Senior Bowl takes place from Tuesday 26th January. There will be practice sessions throughout the week, before the game itself on Saturday 30th January.  We are thrilled and delighted to have a front row seat for the action!

The 2021 Senior Bowl will be one of the most important in recent memory. With no conventional combine to attend, this year’s iteration of the Senior Bowl has become an even more crucial and important week for both aspiring prospects and NFL staff. 

With the start of the Senior Bowl approaching, we are taking a look at the players we are most excited to see perform throughout the week.


Senior Bowl attendee Chazz Surratt
Senior Bowl attendee Chazz Surratt. Image Credit: (AP Photo/Ben McKeown)

Chazz Surratt is one of the players you love to watch. His film is fun, lively and aggressive. Surratt is super athletic and his movement skills are exceptional. He is a linebacker who can get sideline to sideline; he possess great agility, quickness and toughness. 

Surratt is a player who is still learning and developing the position of linebacker. As a quarterback convert, his story is unique and absorbing. Being able to show off his raw and instinctive skills in front of NFL personnel will only benefit him.

His active style should be on full display during the Senior Bowl week. If Surratt shows up in his best form, he is a player we could be talking about moving up draft boards in the coming weeks.  


Toney’s draft stock has risen all through the 2020 season. It has now risen to a point where he is starting to be mocked into the first round. With a big Senior Bowl performance, he could cement himself as a receiver who is up there with the best in this class. 

Toney is an electric playmaker who can do it all after the catch. He possesses good contact balance, strength and quickness.

He is a multi-skilled player which makes him an ultimate utility receiver. Toney will prove to be profitable and effective wherever he lines up and his versatility should reap rewards throughout the week.

The Senior Bowl will also give Toney the opportunity to speak face to face with NFL teams. That’s a luxury other receivers around him are likely not to receive, with the NFL Combine not taking place in its traditional format.


Senior Bowl attendee Jamie Newman
Senior Bowl attendee Jamie Newman. Image Credit: AP PHOTO/MICHAEL DWYER

Jamie Newman is one of the many players who opted out of the 2020 season. It was a season he could have really benefited from after transferring to Georgia from Wake Forest.

It has left him on the outside looking in and his lack of on field action in 2020 has meant his draft stock has continued to fall. No one could benefit from a huge week at the Senior Bowl more than Newman!

Newman is a player who has ideal size and strength. He has all the physical traits, but, it is his athleticism that stands out. He has the ability to escape pressure with his excellent movement and he can get the job done with his legs.

Although his accuracy and ball placement is inconsistent, he does throw a nice ball and his arm strength will not be a problem.  

The Senior Bowl is now vital if Newman is to resume some of his lost draft stock. He will be hoping a big week will get his name up in lights again. 


In an outstanding receiver class, Austin Watkins Jr has got lost in the noise. That’s until now. Watkins is expected to put on a show at the Senior Bowl and will be hoping to force his way into day 2 discussion. 

Austin Watkins has football running through his veins. His cousin is Kansas City Chiefs wide receiver Sammy Watkins. Having a mentor like Sammy Watkins who has been there, done that and got the t-shirt is bound to be a calming influence. 

Austin Watkins is a competent prospect in his own right though. Watkins shows plenty of courage and confidence on film. He is a speedy receiver who in the 2019 season averaged a massive 19.2 yards per catch!

He has excellent ball skills and is exceptional after the catch due to his long staying power speed. 

You should expect Watkins stock to rise between now and April.


Senior Bowl attendee Creed Humphrey
Senior Bowl attendee Creed Humphrey. Image Credit: Jason Getz-USA TODAY Sports

Creed Humphrey is one of the top prospects at the interior offensive line position. He has the ability to play both centre and guard in the NFL, so he has the adaptability and versatility that teams like in the trenches. 

Humphrey is a powerhouse up front and has proven to have leadership qualities. He has a great football mind and his intelligence will stand out when interviewed.

He has great body control and generates great power after the snap to take command over his opponents.

The Senior Bowl has attracted some big, high quality lineman to attend and the IOL position will be one we will watch closely throughout the week. 

If he performs like he can then Humphrey will sit as one of the top prospects at his position. With a bad week, there are plenty of players waiting to pounce. 

Who are the players you are most excited to see? Let us know over on Twitter @NinetynineYards and @Owain_Jones_ 

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