Super Bowl LV Finals MVP Slate: Mahomes Lead, Brady Lingers At Second

Super Bowl LV Finals MVP Slate: Mahomes Lead, Brady Lingers At Second
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The 2020 NFL Lombardi title is now at-stake as the Super Bowl LV takes the final shot this weekend. On February 7, 2021, the Raymond James Stadium in Tampa will be filled with thundering roars and cheers as the Tampa Bay Buccaneers will get a home-field advantage against the defending champions, the Kansas City Chiefs.

Aside from the prestigious title, the players make the best plays to earn the Most Valuable Player recognition. It is the highest award that a player can get acknowledging his contributions to the team. Not only that, but this player had displayed the right amount of leadership and a source of inspiration to his team and the whole NFL community.

Now that the Bucs and the Chiefs will vie for the Super Bowl LV title, the players are also ready to show what it looks like to win the 2021 Super Bowl Finals MVP award. To give you a clue which players might earn the said recognition, here are the top ten candidates to take heed.

Patrick Mahomes

It’s no argument that Patrick Mahomes is the leading candidate for the said award. He is the current Finals MVP and might win it twice in a row if the Kansas City Chiefs win this weekend. At 24, Mahomes had built an impressive resume as a quarterback for the Chiefs for four years. If he makes the MVP again, then the NFL is honing another football superstar.

Tom Brady        

Who would have thought that Brady is switching sides this year? From one conference to the other, the Bucs made the right decision of trading a reliable quarterback for their team. They’ve lacked with their plays for many years, and now that they got Brady, the Bucs are on their way to claiming the Super Bowl title at the same time as a deserving Finals MVP award.

Travis Kelce

The Chiefs have the most number of solid men in the field, and Travis Kelce is not an exception. This six-time Pro Bowl recipient has contributed significantly to the team’s success this season. After earning 612 receptions in 7,881 yards with 48 touchdowns, Travis Kelce is a deserving Finals MVP recipient.

Tyreek Hill

The saga continues with Hill and Murphy-Bunting as the most dangerous and fastest receivers in the NFL in the championship game. Looking into their individual achievements, Tyreek Hill made 17 touchdowns at the start of the season. Apart from that, he made an impressive 71-yarder halftime catch when they faced the Bills. If Hill works even more, this weekend, he might punch the Finals MVP award.

Chris Jones

If Patrick Mahones is only out of the MVP list, then Chris Jones deserves the award. Last season, the Niners QB Jimmy Garoppolo had a hard time making passes after Chris Jones showed what a defensive lineman could do. During the semis against the Bills, he was forced to record impressive defenses that made the victory at the end.

Shaquil Barrett

The Bucs starting linebacker Shaquil Barrett had bounced back this year after almost losing his momentum last season. He made a four-hit performance that put the Packers to an upset at the NFC championship game. Apart from that, Barrett can be the next finals MVP, knowing that he is a top-tiered all-around player.

Devin White

Two years after working as the starting linebacker for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Devin White has garnered a promising career. He presently recorded 231 tackles, 11.5 sacks, two interceptions, with two defensive touchdowns. Aside from these numbers, White has the consistent energy going anywhere in the field, which makes him a tough player in the NFL.

Lavonte David

Being the Bucs’ heart and soul, Lavonte David has mastered the running and passing defense since he joined the team. Considered one of the underrated players, David is making huge leaps this season and a possible awardee of the Finals MVP.

Tyrann Matthieu

Garnered 534 tackles, 9.0 sacks, 23 interceptions, and two defensive touchdowns, Tyrann Matthieu is another deserving candidate to earn the Finals MVP.  Tyrann is one of the most versatile safety players for the Chiefs, which gives a lesser passing rate for all opposing quarterbacks.

Jason Pierre-Paul

This three-time Pro Bowler has successfully regained his dominance this season after suffering an injury last year. Recording at least 573 tackles, 89 sacks, four interceptions, and three defensive touchdowns, Jason Pierre-Paul is a real deal for the Finals MVP this weekend.


All the players mentioned above will surely create an impact this weekend during the Super Bowl LV finale. But, some of them will give the best moments to earn the coveted Finals MVP.

With top of the line career achievements, together with impressive points production, one of these football players will indeed get the Super Bowl LV Finals MVP in no time.

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Photo by Patrick Ogilvie on Unsplash

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