Future Stars: The Best NFL Draft Prospects To Discover – Week 8

Future Stars: The Best NFL Draft Prospects To Discover – Week 8
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Now we’re past the halfway mark of the College Football season, the Future Stars are really starting to emerge.

Future Stars brings you the 2022 NFL Draft Prospects you should keep your eye on every week in the UK televised games, throughout the college season and into next year’s Draft.

There are some really intriguing games on offer in a 5 game schedule, available to view on TV in the UK.

All times in GMT

Of course keep an eye on your TV guide for any scheduling changes!

Here are your Future Stars in week 8!



Jarrett Patterson - Future Stars
Image Credit: Slap The Sign

Jarrett Patterson is the only returner from the Notre Dame offensive line in 2021. A unit which has disappointed immensely so far. 

Patterson’s athletic profile is exceptional. For his size he has really good explosiveness and speed. Patterson is well experienced and has shown he can cope against multiple different types of defenders.

Speed rushers, nose tackles and bull rushers, he has coped with them all. A tackle in high school and the versatility to play guard if needed, Patterson will add a lot to a team’s offensive line depth at the next level. 

Patterson also has a good football brain. You can see he has really good awareness and is able to adjust pre snap. He can pick up blitzes and is super athletic along the line. Patterson has great lateral movement and exceptional initial burst off the line of scrimmage, but also has the anchor and center of gravity to play with balance and control.

Hoping to make a step forward in the 2021 season, Patterson hasn’t had the opportunity he would have liked to advance his draft stock. He is a player who will be able to slot into an NFL team straight away and for a team looking for an experienced and reliable center, they won’t go far wrong with Patterson.


A riser so far in 2021, Jaquon Brisker has made his mark on what is an exceptionally good and deep safety class. 

Brisker is a safety who plays aggressive and physical while also playing with intelligence and awareness. In coverage he is a fluid athlete who can stay with receivers in route and as mentioned, has the physicality to match them at the catch point. He reads the quarterbacks eyes and has the quick mental processing to turn what he sees into action. Brisker’s awareness is best seen on his game stopping interception in the endzone against Wisconsin.

As run support he is a hard hitter and is versatile enough to set the edge. He isn’t afraid to get stuck in when playing the box and possesses the tackling ability to make important stops.

With 25 tackles and 2 interceptions on the year through midseason, Brisker can continue to climb throughout the rest of this season.


Drake Jackson - Future Stars
Image Credit: Conquest Chronicles

Talked about a lot for multiple years now, 2021 was to be the year Drake Jackson put it all together. In a very good and deep edge class Jackson is one of those players that is and has been spoken about a lot.

As a versatile defensive weapon, Jackson is a fluid athlete who demonstrates good power and functional strength. He offers the versatility to drop into coverage as an outside linebacker and has the ability to move sideline to sideline when needed.  

Jackson is a flashy player but needs to be more consistent. Some better decision making and becoming more effective in the run game will only help his draft stock. Due to him having the adaptability at linebacker it is noticeable that he can get caught in no man’s land. Caught between trying to cover or deciding to go after the passer.

Still a projection, there is no doubt that Jackson has some really good traits which will see him drafted highly come April’s NFL Draft. He does still need to clean some aspects of his game up though and become more consistent.

Notre Dame’s offensive line has been dreadful so far in the 2021 season and Jackson will be looking to put up some numbers in this game. 


The winner of the Big Ten Receiver of the Year last season, Ty Fryfogle has been a consistent target for Indiana QB Michael Penix Jr and the Indiana Offence. 

As a receiver, Fryfogle has made his name by being a contest catch guy. He is more of a possession based receiver who has good control within his routes and catches the ball at its peak. His hands are soft, but clingy and has had production in the Indiana offence. 

Fryfogle isn’t an explosive receiver and he does lack some athleticism and agility. But, as a weapon in a diverse room of receivers, Fryfogle will be a useful piece at the next level. 

Indiana were widely expected to be better than they have been in 2021. Fryfogle, among others, has struggled to get anything going so far. A good game against Ohio State would be some statement to bring a change of fortune.


Mykael Wright - Future Stars
Image Credit: Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

This Oregon defence can be deadly on their day. Whether it is Kayvon Thibodeaux or Verone McKinley, but, this week we are focusing on cornerback Mykael Wright. 

Wright has been extremely productive and efficient in 2021 so far. He is a rangy playmaking corner who has exceptional instincts and awareness. He has the size and length of an NFL calibre corner. but he also has the physicality and ball skills to be successful at the next level. Wright is also super athletic and should test well when the time comes.

This UCLA team averages 8.8 yards per attempt, so Wright is going to have his work cut out. Wright’s draft stock has already increased during the 2021 season, another big game against the Bruins would help secure his name in the discussion.

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