NFL Power Rankings – Week 13. Patriots Continue Their Advance.

NFL Power Rankings – Week 13. Patriots Continue Their Advance.
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After the last few weeks, there is a more natural order to our NFL Power Rankings this week.

Week 12 saw a honours even after multiple top teams lost. This week is much different.

The Green Bay Packers, Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Buffalo Bills all came through their respective games with wins, while the Cowboys ended up dropping due to their loss to the Las Vegas Raiders.

The storylines really are between 10-15 though. These teams really could be ranked in any order. The Titans remain there despite their disappointing form. With players out injured all over the field, the Titans are struggling to find any type of form.

Here are your NFL Power Rankings heading into week 13.

1.File:Breezeicons-actions-22-filename-dash-amarok.svg - Wikimedia CommonsGREEN BAY PACKERS9-3
2.File:Breezeicons-actions-22-filename-dash-amarok.svg - Wikimedia CommonsTAMPA BAY BUCCANEERS8-3
3.File:Breezeicons-actions-22-filename-dash-amarok.svg - Wikimedia CommonsARIZONA CARDINALS9-2
4.File:Breezeicons-actions-22-filename-dash-amarok.svg - Wikimedia CommonsBUFFALO BILLS7-4
5.File:Eo circle green arrow-up.svg - Wikimedia CommonsNEW ENGLAND PATRIOTS8-4
6.File:Breezeicons-actions-22-filename-dash-amarok.svg - Wikimedia CommonsKANSAS CITY CHIEFS7-4
7.File:Eo circle green arrow-up.svg - Wikimedia CommonsBALTIMORE RAVENS8-3
8.File:Eo circle red arrow-down.svg - Wikimedia CommonsLA RAMS7-4
9.File:Eo circle red arrow-down.svg - Wikimedia CommonsDALLAS COWBOYS7-4
10.File:Eo circle green arrow-up.svg - Wikimedia CommonsCINCINNATI BENGALS7-4
11.File:Eo circle green arrow-up.svg - Wikimedia CommonsSAN FRANCISCO 49ERS6-5
12.File:Eo circle red arrow-down.svg - Wikimedia CommonsLA CHARGERS6-5
13.File:Eo circle red arrow-down.svg - Wikimedia CommonsTENNESSEE TITANS8-4
14.File:Breezeicons-actions-22-filename-dash-amarok.svg - Wikimedia CommonsMINNESOTA VIKINGS5-6
15.File:Eo circle red arrow-down.svg - Wikimedia CommonsINDIANAPOLIS COLTS6-6
16.File:Eo circle green arrow-up.svg - Wikimedia CommonsDENVER BRONCOS6-5
17.File:Eo circle green arrow-up.svg - Wikimedia CommonsLAS VEGAS RAIDERS6-5
18.File:Breezeicons-actions-22-filename-dash-amarok.svg - Wikimedia CommonsCLEVELAND BROWNS6-6
19.File:Eo circle red arrow-down.svg - Wikimedia CommonsPITTSBURGH STEELERS5-5-1
20.File:Eo circle red arrow-down.svg - Wikimedia CommonsNEW ORLEANS SAINTS5-6
21.File:Eo circle red arrow-down.svg - Wikimedia CommonsPHILADELPHIA EAGLES5-7
22.File:Eo circle green arrow-up.svg - Wikimedia CommonsMIAMI DOLPHINS5-7
23.File:Eo circle red arrow-down.svg - Wikimedia CommonsWASHINGTON FOOTBALL TEAM5-6
24.File:Breezeicons-actions-22-filename-dash-amarok.svg - Wikimedia CommonsCHICAGO BEARS4-7
25.File:Eo circle green arrow-up.svg - Wikimedia CommonsATLANTA FALCONS5-6
26.File:Eo circle red arrow-down.svg - Wikimedia CommonsCAROLINA PANTHERS5-7
27.File:Eo circle green arrow-up.svg - Wikimedia CommonsNEW YORK GIANTS4-7
28.File:Eo circle red arrow-down.svg - Wikimedia CommonsSEATTLE SEAHAWKS3-8
29.File:Eo circle green arrow-up.svg - Wikimedia CommonsNEW YORK JETS3-8
30.File:Eo circle red arrow-down.svg - Wikimedia CommonsJACKSONVILLE JAGUARS2-9
31.File:Eo circle green arrow-up.svg - Wikimedia CommonsHOUSTON TEXANS2-9
32.File:Eo circle green arrow-up.svg - Wikimedia CommonsDETROIT LIONS0-10-1

Who are you higher on and who are you lower on? Let us know what you think of our NFL Power Rankings over on Twitter @NinetynineYards and @Owain_Jones_

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