NFL UK Media Awards : Offensive Player Of The Year

NFL UK Media Awards : Offensive Player Of The Year
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The NFL UK Media Awards winners are in. The NFL UK Media Awards voting is made up of 50 voters in the UK NFL Media. Here is how they have voted for.

Why Cooper Kupp deserves the awards

There is no doubt in my mind that Cooper Kupp deserves to be the Offensive Player of the Year for the 2021 season. He has had a season for the ages with the Rams this season. A season which has seen him be the leading receiver in receptions, yards, and touchdowns for the season.

You could of course argue that the yardage was down to the extended season. After all the NFL has an obsession with quantity over quality when it comes to stats. But, that is an argument for another day. 

The thing is does that argument even hold up? Well, not really. Kupp achieved the Triple Crown for a receiver – receptions, yards, and touchdowns. Take out the quantities and that is still only the fourth time in NFL history that this has happened. 

The Numbers

Kupp’s 145 receptions for 1,947 yards and 16 TD’s saw him become the first player since Steve Smith in 2005 to take home the Triple Crown. The other two belonging to Sterling Sharpe (1992) and Jerry Rice (1990).

But how good are these numbers? Well, the receptions were just 5 shy of the all-time record set by Michael Thomas with the Saints in 2019. Whilst Kupp was just 18 yards shy of the all-time yardage record set by Calvin Johnson of the Lions in 2012. 

While amassing these figures, Kupp broke the Rams single-season franchise records for receptions and receiving yards, passing the numbers put up by Isaac Bruce in 1995. He was also one touchdown shy of the Rams all-time single-season TD record set by Elroy ‘crazy legs’ Hirsch in 1951. 

All of which means he had a season comparable to single-seasons put together by a bevy of Hall of Famers and greats. The last great test being – how did he compare to his contemporaries? We know he got the Triple Crown. But how dominant was he? Well, Kupp’s 145 receptions were 22 more than Davante Adams, who ranked second in that category, while Kupp’s 1,947 receiving yards were 300 more than Justin Jefferson’s second-place finish.

Pretty dominant. His 8.5 catches for 115 yards and almost a touchdown a game are impressive enough. But he is also a key part in the Rams making the Superbowl. A season for the ages, and one that deserves to be capped with the OPOY award. 

Cooper Kupp21
Jonathan Taylor17
Aaron Rodgers1
Ja’Marr Chase1
Tom Brady1

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