Expanding CFL Draft Day: Global & Main Drafts Align

Expanding CFL Draft Day: Global & Main Drafts Align
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Expanding CFL Draft day is on the agenda for the CFL in 2022. That is because the CFL has announced that “For the first time, the Global Draft will take place on the same day as the CFL Draft”. So circle that date in your diaries. Draft season doesn’t begin and end with the NFL Draft on the 28th of April.

So there you have it. Tuesday the 3rd of May will be a big day for CFL onlookers. The Global Draft will be first, with the full Draft being run later that evening.

The CFL Global Draft is now being run on the same day as the full Draft. Image from xflnewshub.com

Taking a Punt on the Global players

From the very beginnings of the global player initiative there have been some doubters. Because people wondered if players would be more than glorified clipboard holders. But these things take time. A lost season did not help the initiative either.

But having the first Global All-Star is a big step forward in legitimizing the concept. You might argue the the league has been taking a punt on this scheme to try and spread its brand. More things like this that highlight success can only be a good thing when it comes to that.

But will punters dominate the first round like they did last year? That is the question! But a good one. Because last year that all generated talking points. One thing the CFL needs is to be talked about more, and an initiative like the global player program can help with that.

Expanding CFL Draft Day is the next move for Global players

Expanding CFL Draft day like this is just the next step in the journey for integrating Global Players into the fabric of the league.

We had already seen, as reported by American Football International, the CFL announced the upcoming global combine dates in February.

The international combines will be attended by CFL representatives. The top players will then be invited to Toronto in late March for the 2022 CFL Combine. We will be able to keep an eye on global combine results here when the time comes.

CFL 2.0 – in full swing

David Izinyon at the UK CFL Combine. Now with the Hamilton Tiger-Cats. Will others make it into 3 Down football from the UK this year? Image from  BAFA twitter.

CFL 2.0 is well and truly up and running. When it was introduced, the main focus for UK based fans were the ‘plans for a greater ‘international presence’. The key point being “Building bridges with countries, outside of North America, that play American football.”

The hope was that ‘the best players from the world beyond the U.S. and Canada’ could be invited to vie to play in the CFL.

What would be great for UK based fans would be to see a UK name making an impact. The talent is here too. Players like Efe Obada have made NFL rosters, so why not the CFL too?

Setting Dates

Also earlier in February the CFL had  released some key dates for the upcoming season too. Notably, after the final global combine, regional combines would take place in Canada between the 10th and 18th of March.

The CFL Draft was to be on May the 3rd and the pre-season to kick off on May the 27th. What had not been announced however was the expanding CFL Draft day scenario that we are now seeing unfold.

It is clear that there is a lot for CFL fans to look forward to. Whether they are watching on from Canada or from a more global perspective.

Banner Image: “The most prominent player in the first wave of CFL Global players, Thiadric Hansen”. Image from cfl.ca

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