Pittsburgh Steelers Mock Draft – 7 Rounds

Pittsburgh Steelers Mock Draft – 7 Rounds
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Here is a 7 round Pittsburgh Steelers mock draft for 2022.

Using our mock draft simulator, here are the players who could be in play for the Pittsburgh Steelers in the 2022 NFL Draft.

Even though this does not include trades it does give an indication as to who may be available when the Steelers pick.

Here is your Pittsburgh Steelers Mock Draft

Round 1: Pick 20 – DESMOND RIDDER – QB – Cincinnati

Studying Cincinnati quarterback Desmond Ridder against Houston | Touchdown  Wire
Image Credit: USA Today

The Steelers have signed Mitchell Trubisky but he didn’t get paid like the Steelers are committed to him for the foreseeable. Demsond Ridder has the traits to be the Steelers starting QB and has the traits to start straight away. He has a history of winning and evaluating a team, the Steelers could love him.

Round 2: Pick 52 – JAQUAN BRISKER – S – Penn St

THe Steelers value safeties and still need to add to the position. Brisker would be a great addition and he has the athleticism to meet what the Steelers like in their safeties.

Round 3: Pick 84 – SEAN RHYAN – OL – UCLA

We all know that the Steelers need to address the offensive line. Sean Rhyan offers versatility across the offensive line. He can start out at tackle and if that doesn’t work he has the traits to be a great guard. 

Round 4: pick 138 – BO MELTON – WR – Rutgers

NFL Draft Journey: Rutgers' Bo Melton gearing up for combine | RSN
Image Credit: NBC

Melton is a quick receiver who has really good route running skills. Adding him into the receiver room will give more options to whoever is the starting QB in 2022.

Round 6: pick 208 – MARQUAN MCCALL – DL – Kentucky

McCall is a good option and offers developmental traits. The Steelers are set on the defensive line but working McCall into a rotation while developing him is a good call.

Round 7: Pick 227 – JASON POE – IOL –  MERCER

Poe has earned a reputation as being one of the best pulling interior linemen in the college game. So much so that teams have been working him out at full back during his workouts. 

Round 7: Pick 241 – KEVIN HARRIS – RB – S. Carolina

Kevin Harris - Football - University of South Carolina Athletics
Image Credit: University of S. Carolina

Harris isn’t a player that many are talking about in this running back class but he has plenty of ability and has been productive at South Carolina. He would complement what Najee Harris offers.

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