Seahawks: 12s hail K.J. as Carson retires

Seahawks: 12s hail K.J. as Carson retires
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It’s been an emotional week to be a Seahawk fan as 12s have come together to hail K.J. Wright as Chris Carson retires.

Later in the week, D.K Metcalf signed a three-year extension with the franchise.

It can be said it was mixed news for the fanbase who call themselves the 12s.

But what does it mean to them to lose two players to retirement in the space of one week?

12s hail K.J. as Hawk Legend

It’s simple; the linebacker who was a part of that legion of boom and the Seahawks’ Superbowl run gains legend status.

Wright is not only a legend; people say he is the epitome of what it means to play in blue and green.

He promptly retired from the league after signing a ceremonial one-day contract in Washington State.

One fan explained Wright’s role as ‘different’ to any other.

She said: “Seattle couldn’t have done all that it did without the 1 – 2 punch if KJ and Bobby. Legend for sure.”

Another added: “I’m not overly enthused about one-day contracts. However, seeing what it meant to KJ I may need to rethink that.

“He is a sure-fire Seahawks Ring of Honour inductee in the future. One of the best to ever do it & along with Bobby set the standard for everyone to follow.”

K.J. Wright. Credit: USATSI

And one 12 couldn’t believe he is seeing the end of that great team: “Man, KJ retiring feels strange as he could still do such a job for the seahawks.

“It’s so sad to think of the players from not even that long ago. Really is a different team.”

However, could the same speeches be given to running back Carson?

Carson retires

The Seahawks did right by their favoured running back Carson by releasing him on Tuesday with a failed physical designation.

This means the 27-year-old will receive injury protection benefits.

Carson only played four games last season due to a severe neck injury but what do the fans think of his time in Seattle?

Chris Carson retires. Credit: Sky Sports

“Sad to hear that Chris Carson is retiring and his career has been cut short due to injuries. I don’t think he played in enough games to be considered a legend at RB, ” one fan explained.

“Hope Penny [Rashaad] stays healthy and our 2nd round draft pick, Kenneth Walker, plays well. Might be a tough year ahead.”

And this 12 said: “Chris Carson was a dang fine football player but not a legend. He undoubtedly set the tone for the Seahawks’ defense AND Offense & when healthy was unstoppable.

“Unfortunately the way the Hawks want their RBs to play his time was cut short of legend status.”

Carson has not announced his retirement himself in the off chance his neck heals and he can play once again.

Metcalf gets his payday

The rumour mill kept swirling this off-season as to whether DK Metcalf would stay put at Century Link – essentially he wanted his as Marshawn Lynch once put it ‘his chicken’.

With the 2023 wide receiver class looking to have a strong core, Metcalf did what he could to ensure he got his day -signing a three-year extension deal worth $ 72 million.

DK Metcalf. Credit: Sporting News.

Metcalf joined the likes of A.J. Brown, Tyreek Hill and Davante Adams in gaining a profitable deal in the wide receiver class.

Locking up Metcalf was important for Seattle after losing their QB Russell Wilson at the start of the summer.

But would DK have really moved on? He admitted he always wanted to stay and play under Pete Carroll and remain a blue and green Hawk.

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