Hat trick of global players mark Winnipeg milestone

Hat trick of global players mark Winnipeg milestone
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A hat trick of global players marked a Winnipeg Blue Bombers milestone this week in their latest CFL contest. The milestone? Winnipeg became the first CFL team to tally 400 home wins. The hat trick? That’s because the Blue Bombers became the first team to dress three global players for a CFL game.

The Milestone

Winnipeg trace their roots back to 1930 and in that time they have amassed an overall record of 683-622-15 in regular season games up to week 12 of the 2022 CFL season. That record has seen them make a number of playoff appearances, appearing in the Grey Cup on no less than 26 occasions (with a 12-14 record overall).

Indeed their recent success is marked. Standing at 10-1 this season, they have a record of 32-11 over the last two and half active seasons. Delivering Grey Cup wins in both 2019 and 2021.

Frustration for others has seen Winnipeg take advantage to take the title of being first to 400 home wins. Edmonton has been at 397 home wins since October the 12th, 2019. Any kind of recent home success would have seen the the Elks take this honour.

Meanwhile, Winnipeg entered the season with 396 wins, while Calgary entered the season with 397. Both teams went into this game on 399 home wins.

Winnipeg’s 31-29 win in front of 30,062 fans at IG Field was their third win over Calgary this season. This is the first time they’ve swept a three game series against the Stamps since 1987. It is fair to say the 10-1 Blue Bombers have earned their record.

But what about the hat trick? That is where the global players come in.

The Hat Trick

Winnipeg linebacker Les Maruo, was keen to point out that he, and teammates offensive lineman Tomoya Machino and global player poster boy, defensive end Thiadric Hansen had all suited up for the game.

This made Winnipeg the first team to dress three ‘global’ players in a single game. That hat trick of global players represents some success for the CFL global player intitiative.

Especially when you consider Hansen who has two Grey Cup rings from his time with the Blue Bombers came from the GFL, and Maruo and Machino both have experience of playing in the X-League.

Going one further, this appears to have marked the first time a CFL team has suited two Japanese global designated players for one game.

So there was plenty for fans of the global CFL 2.0 initiative to clebrate here.

Banner image: The hat trick of global players turning out for Winnipeg in the CFL. IMage from twitter.

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