Six Quarterbacks & more random thoughts by Rhys Knott

Six Quarterbacks & more random thoughts by Rhys Knott
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Six Quarterbacks & more random thoughts

Six Quarterbacks led their respective teams in rush yards in week 9. (Lamar Jackson was just 11 yards behind Kenyon Drake for the Ravens too). With six teams on a Bye week there were only 13 games played. So that’s nearly a quarter of teams who played. As noteworthy as that is, it wasn’t the only thing that stands out as we jump into the second half of the NFL season.

In Jacksonville the Raiders blew a 17-point lead for the third time this season. This against a Jaguars team who were on a different continent last week, equaling the single season record. In 2020 the Rams somehow managed to do the same. As did the 2023 Falcons. And, with another eight games left this season the 2-6 Raiders could well set a new record. Unless there are some drastic changes in Vegas.

Bears receiver Dante Pettis ended week nine with –1 yards after the catch! In his defence he made just one catch as Justin Fields targeted him once. He ended up with 12 total receiving yards, but the throw he caught actually travelled 13 “air yards”. D’onta Foreman ended the Panthers week nine game with -2 receiving yards on two catches. And one of his catches went for two yards!

The sack King

After a standout performance against the disastrous Colts in week nine Matt Judon is now heading toward a new single season record for Sacks. With three of the Patriots four (which was one off the Patriots record for a single game) total Sacks and four of their 12 total Quarterback hits Judon is now averaging 1.3 Sacks per game. He is on pace to make 22 this season. That would be just half a sack off Michael Strahan’s “official” record. But since the Patriots remaining schedule includes five games against the most Sacked Quarterbacks in the NFL and Joe Burrow and Kyler Murray are both in the top five of the list Judon will flying up the leaderboard if he stays fit.

The Fastest Man

Halfway through the season and according to Nextgen Stats Kenneth Walker is the fastest man in the NFL. After he reached 22.09 miles per hour in week seven. Also, in Seattle Geno Smith is worth keeping an eye on as he is just 1.3% away from Drew Brees’s single season pass completion % record. Lucky for him the Seahawks have only got two dominant Defences to navigate in their last eight games.

Rashod Bateman was ruled out for the season in week nine and that’s bad news for the Ravens. Because they have two receivers in Next Gen Stats’ top five list of the Fastest ball Carriers in 2022. And he’s one of them. Rashod Bateman made the fifth fastest run of the season in week two against the Dolphins, he reached 21.48 miles per hour when he scored a 75-yard touchdown. But Devin Duvernay is the third fastest player in 2022. He reached 21.60 mph himself in week two when he returned a kick-off 103 yards at M & T Bank Stadium. That’s less than half a mile per hour slower than the fastest play of the season by Ken Walker in week seven. Or, for context, 5.73 miles per hour slower than Usain Bolt’s top speed.

Banner Image: Kenneth Walker of Seattle is currently the fastest man in the NFL according to Nextgen stats. Image from

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