Neg Lists for Christmas from the CFL

Neg Lists for Christmas from the CFL
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Neg Lists for Christmas from the CFL

A Christmas list will usually get people thinking about Santa. And whether you’ve been naughty or nice. No-one wants that lump of coal in the sticking after all. But, for the CFL clubs a Christmas list means something slightly different. Their Christmas list involves disclosing 10 players each from their neg lists (negotiation lists).

Having the clubs reveal 10 players each on the neg lists around this time of year is a good move. It keeps the news cycle going. And gets fans talking. Especially about on field possibilities even though it is the off-season.

Neg Lists – What are they anyway?

Using negotiation lists allows teams to acquire the rights for international players. Each CFL team has its own negotiation list, allowing the team to have exclusive rights to negotiate a contract with the players on their list. This does not preclude players from signing with another league. Only a fully fledged signed contract could do that.

Players are placed on team negotiation lists on a first come, first served basis. Lists can often change and additions or removals are often not known by anyone outside of the team making the list, and the league who they report it to.

However, twice a year the teams reveal a list of ten names on their list. The league has been doing this for a while now. And that, in my opinion, is a good thing.

CFL by-laws state that teams can claim exclusive CFL rights for up to 45 players by placing them on their negotiation lists. Players can be added, removed or traded from the lists at any time.

The truth is that a lot of the players listed won’t ever suit up in the CFL. A lot of them won’t even have been aware they were on the list. But, it creates chatter. It gets fans talking.

A Christmas list – who is listed with each team?

The 10 player released on each team are listed below:


BRICE, ChaseQBAppalachian State
HALL, JarenQBBrigham Young
LEARY, DevinQBNorth Carolina State
MCCALL, GraysonQBCoastal Carolina
MELLOTT, TommyQBMontana State
NUSSMEIER, GarrettQBLouisiana State
PLUMLEE, John RhysQBCentral Florida
TUNE, ClaytonQBHouston
WARD, CameronQBWashington State


AHLERS, HoltonQBEast Carolina
BOLDEN, IsaiahDBJackson State
CENTEIO, ToddQBJames Madison
JELKS, JalenDLOregon
NIX, BoQBOregon
PENIX JR, MichaelQBWashington
RISING, CameronQBUtah
SANDERS, SpencerQBOklahoma State
SAYLORS, JacobRBEast Tennessee State


BELLAMY, LeVanteRBWestern Michigan
BONNER, LoganQBUtah State
BROWNING, JakeQBWashington
HAENER, JakeQBFresno State
LEMONIER, JessieDELiberty
LEWIS, TommyleeWRNorthern Illinois
VANTREASE, KyleQBGeorgia Southern
WESTRY, ChrisDBKentucky


ALBRIGHT, ChristianDEBall State
FERGUSON, ParkerOLAir Force
HIERS, MichaelQBSamford
HUTCHERSON, SadariusOLSouth Carolina
HYATT, MitchOLClemson
KIRK, LutherDBIllinois State
ROGERS, WillQBMississippi State
TAYLOR, JulianDLTemple
THORNE, PaytonQBMichigan State


ANDRIES, BlaiseOLMinnesota
CUNNINGHAM, ChaseQBMiddle Tennessee State
CUNNINGHAM, Malik QBLouisville
DENG, KuonyDECalifornia
EALY, AdrianOLOklahoma
FINCH, SharifDETemple
PARRIS, TimonOLStony Brook
REMIGIO, NikkoWRFresno State
WADE, BarringtonLBIowa
WILLIAMS, DenzelDBVillanova


BAYLESS, OmarWRArkansas State
CRAWFORD, KekoaWRCalifornia
DANIELS, JalonQBKansas
FULLER, AaronWRWashington
JOHNSON, JoshRBLouisiana at Monroe
JONES, XavierRBSouthern Methodist
KAMARA, AzurDLKansas
REED, AustinQBWestern Kentucky
SLOVIS, KedonQBPittsburgh
STROMAN, GregDBVirginia Tech


GARROR, EricDBLouisiana-Lafayette
HENDERSON, NolanQBDelaware
MCLAUGHLIN, JaleelRBYoungstown State
MCMAHON, DeontaRBMcNeese
PARKER, AaronWRRhode Island
PAYTON, FredQBMercer
TRAVIS, JordanQBFlorida State


BLACK, JoshDTSyracuse
COOK, DylanOLMontana
DANIELS, JaydenQBLouisiana State
MORGAN, TannerQBMinnesota
NEWSOME, DazzWRNorth Carolina
RUSSELL, ChapelleLBTemple
SCHAFFER, ThomasDLStanford
SMITH, De’VeonRBMichigan
THOMAS, SkylerDBLiberty


CHEEK, DavisQBElon
CLIFFORD, SeanQBPenn State
EZZARD, JequezWRSam Houston
GABBERT, BrettQBMiami (OH)
MCKINNEY, ParkerQBEastern Kentucky
MCNAMARA, CadeQBMichigan
MILLER, ChristianDLAlabama
ROSE, AJRBKentucky
SCOTT JR, LindseyQBIncarnate Word

Emphasis on the QB

Of the players teams have chosen to reveal there are some interesting different areas of emphasis. Whilst some teams have put together a range of positions, others are laser focused on the QB. Montreal, for example, have seven QB’s on their list. Nobody has gone as all in on that one as the BC Lions however. They have put a full complement of 10 pivots on their list! In fact 28 of the 90 players listed are QB’s. So nealry a third.

Some quite big college names are on the list. The strong likelihood being that they will never set foot on a CFL field. But that does not mean CFL fans cannot have funs speculating. Or looking through these lists and wondering if a less well known name could head North to make a name for themselves.

Banner Image: Kedon Slovis of Pitt is on the Ticats neg list. Image from Pitt Post Gazette

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