Noah Sewell: NFL Draft Scouting Report

Noah Sewell: NFL Draft Scouting Report
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  • Height: 6’3”
  • Weight: 250 lbs
  • College: Oregon
  • Year: Sophomore
  • Position: Linebacker


  • Big bodied linebacker
  • Very physical and aggressive
  • High effort prospect
  • Is a read-and-react player who is instinctual
  • Will have some versatility and could line up at edge at the next level if needed. Has the skill set and ability to do so
  • Has all the pass-rushing moves and tools. He is an all-round player who is extremely skilled. 
  • Instincts and awareness are excellent
  • Is a physical, hard tackler 
  • Plays with an extremely high motor and energy
  • Reads defences extremely well
  • In coverage, his size means he will be able to cover bigger bodies and tight ends
  • Has both speed and strength
  • Strong lower half to get off blocks and power into contact
  • Is bendy and flexible
  • He plays best when free as a sniper and where he can play quick and uncontained
  • Is a reasonably good athlete
  • Can move sideline to sideline


  • Desperately needs to improve tackling. He has missed a lot of tackles in college and he needs to lower his pad level into contact. 
  • Also, needs to wrap his arms into tackles better as shifty players evade his tackles
  • Needs to react better when his assignment breaks down
  • His reaction times are a split second late. He can anticipate, but he just needs to react to it better.
  • While he is instinctual, those instincts usually take him to the line of scrimmage and prefers to be in the action rather than covering


Noah Sewell is a physical, high-effort linebacker who plays with awareness to read and react. Sewell has some position versatility and has a good set of pass-rush moves to be effective from the edge. He plays better on the ball than off the ball, where although he can cover from the slot he is best attacking the ball, defending the run and using his physicality to take over a game. Penei Sewell’s younger brother who plays with the same nasty, toughness.

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