Christian Gonzalez: NFL Draft Scouting Report

Christian Gonzalez: NFL Draft Scouting Report
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  • Height: 6’2”
  • Weight: 201 lbs
  • College: Oregon
  • Year: Sophomore
  • Position: Cornerback


  • Combines size, speed and instincts
  • A freaky athlete
  • Is extremely long and twitchy
  • Has outstanding size and length. Prototypical size
  • Has the make up of a #1 corner on a team
  • Has developed year on year
  • Supreme athlete who is athletically gifted
  • Is both speedy and shifty
  • Has the quick footwork to change direction
  • Has substantial bend in his hips to get in and out of his breaks
  • Will be an excellent tester through the pre-draft process.
  • Is really physical
  • A decisive, steady tackler who completes his tackles.
  • Has good route recognition and incredible anticipation in coverage and in routes
  • Is versatile but works best on the outside
  • He has outstanding instincts. Plays with decisive inclination and has the intuition to read what is about to happen
  • Reads to the quarterback’s eyes and is the first to react. 
  • Is patient enough to let the play happen before he reacts at the right moment.
  • Plays with calmness, balance and control while also playing confident
  • Understands leverage and uses his calm body control to dominate
  • Reads and reacts extremely well
  • Extremely flexible and fluid movement skills
  • Active quick footwork 
  • Able to smoothly flip his hips


  • Needs to improve his route recognition. It improved in 2022 but he still has room to grow
  • Needs to keep tighter during routes. Has a tendency to stand off and react on certain plays 
  • Needs to play with more strength. Stronger receivers can shrug him off 


Christian Gonzalez is an extremely gifted athlete who has a really physical and agile play style. He is a prototypical corner who combines size, athleticism, instincts and production. A transfer to Oregon from Colorado in 2022 has allowed him to gain more production and show his ball skills. A player who continues to grow year after year, teams will be happy with his development and should be confident they can iron out some aspects of his game. A member of Bruce Feldman’s Freaks List before the 2022 season, Christian Gonzalez has the athletic ability, size, physicality and ball skills to be selected early in the first round.

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