Cody Mauch: NFL Draft Scouting Report

Cody Mauch: NFL Draft Scouting Report
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  • Height: 6’6″
  • Weight: 301lbs
  • College: North Dakota State
  • Year: Senior
  • Position: Offensive Line


  • Athleticism. His background as a TE and in track and field, means Mauch is athletic at the position.
  • Experience. Has been a 6-year player at NDSU
  • Footwork – Mauch is very light on his feet and is able to mirror opponents and kick out laterally with ease
  • Speed rush – his natural athleticism allows him to counter speed rushers well and regularly
  • Second level – able to reach the second level fluidly and takes up excellent angles to seal off blocks
  • Screen/Sweeps. Mauch’s ability to move, and move quickly, means he is a valuable asset in screen plays and jet sweeps etc
  • Aggressiveness – plays hard and wants to finish on every down


  • Short arms – Mauch’s arms are estimated to be 5th percentile or less (look out for the combine!). Which will make it difficult for him to succeed at the tackle position
  • Doesn’t anchor hugely well. Mauch tends to bend at the waist, rather than sinking back with his hips – he lead to falling forward and dropping his head
  • Not the most functionally strong lineman. He can be easily beaten with bull-rushes. This can also see him struggle to sustain engagement with defenders further up the field
  • Pad level. Plays very upright and allows defenders to get underneath him and into his chest, controlling reps more than one would like


Cody Mauch deserves all the respect in the world. He has gone from a walk-on TE at the FCS level, to a prospect with a Senior Bowl invite and a chance to be picked on day 2 of the NFL draft. It speaks volumes about the work and dedication has put into honing his craft. Mauch is going to have to move into the interior to be successful in the league. He will also need to be drafted by someone who is willing to use his athleticism and agility in their run scheme to achieve his full potential. I think he will struggle with the physicality required to play at the tackle spots on a regular basis. Nevertheless, he is a fun prospect who someone will definitely take a chance on and believe they can utilise his existing skillsets to their benefit

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