Darnell Wright: NFL Draft Scouting Report

Darnell Wright: NFL Draft Scouting Report
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  • Height: 6’6”
  • Weight: 335lbs
  • College: Tennessee
  • Year: Senior
  • Position: Offensive Tackle


  • Big time recruit – 5 star
  • Experience – became a starter in his freshman year and has played over 2700 snaps at the college level. Uses this to his advantage to recognise very blitz packages
  • Versatility – has played at both right and left tackle during his time at Tennessee
  • Year on year progress – Wright has shown development in each year of his college career which bodes well for future improvement
  • ‘Battle tested’ – has come up against the best edge rushers college football has to offer
  • Prototypical size for an offensive tackle
  • His wide body frame allows him to stifle opposing pass rushers
  • Strong hands – strong first punch allows him to stun oncoming defensive players, often beats opponent to the punch disrupting pass rushing plans
  • Very strong anchor allows him to stand up well to bull-rushes
  • People mover who will shift defensive lineman with ease, opening up running lanes for his running back
  • Patient in pass protection
  • Uses length consistently to fend off opposing rushers


  • Not the most flexible tackle – tends to out-power rather than out leverage opponents at times
  • Anchors quickly at times – doesn’t get deep into passing sets
  • Whilst effective in the run game as a people mover, he does struggle when getting upfield and adjusting to take out moving second-level defenders
  • Not as twitched up as some, therefore can struggle with high-end speed on the outside


Darnell Wright has the potential to be a prolific starter at Right Tackle in the NFL. His combination of size, power and significant experience means that teams will have little hesitation in throwing him into the firing line early. His ability in specific run schemes will be a tantalising prospect for offensive co-ordinaries who will tailor their approach to his skill set. 

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Image Credit: Tennessee Athletics

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