Emmanuel Forbes: NFL Draft Scouting Report

Emmanuel Forbes: NFL Draft Scouting Report
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  • Height: 6’1″
  • Weight: 166 Lbs
  • College: Mississippi St
  • Year: Junior
  • Position: Cornerback


  • True playmaker
  • Violent and aggressive
  • Plays with his hair on fire and with a chip on his shoulder
  • While he isn’t the biggest he does have really good length
  • Natural ability and feel for the position
  • Unbelievable ball skills
  • Intelligent player who understands route concepts
  • Very impulsive and bets on himself to make a play
  • Is explosive as an athlete and gets out of his stance instantly
  • Reads and reacts effectively and timely
  • Plays with anticipation, especially with the ball in the air
  • Is happy to come downhill and hit hard in run support
  • Locates the ball and has a knack for knowing where the ball will be placed
  • Extremely productive in the SEC
  • Fantastic instincts and intuition
  • Has impressive vertical athleticism which allows him to compete at the catch point


  • Smaller receiver
  • Is light in weight. Extremely slim. He will need a lot of conditioning in the NFL to get his weight up
  • Lacks top-end speed
  • While he plays extremely aggressively it isn’t enough to make up for his overall lack of strength which suffers because of his size
  • Needs to play more disciplined as he can be found searching on some plays out of position
  • His lack of strength and his mentality of wanting to make up for it with aggression can see him sacrifice leverage far too often
  • The biggest examples come at the line of scrimmage where he is trying to overcompensate for physicality 
  • Gives away far too many penalties


Emmanuel Forbes is the definition of a playmaker at the cornerback position. Having been extremely productive in the SEC, his ball skills and ability to take the ball away are second to none in this class. He plays with an incredibly high motor, with aggression and violence. This can go over the top at times and can lead to him giving away leverage. But, if he can play with more discipline and strength, then he has the instincts, mental makeup and ball skills to forge himself a successful career as a CB2.

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Image Credit: Mississippi St Athletics

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