Julius Brents: NFL Draft Scouting Report

Julius Brents: NFL Draft Scouting Report
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  • Height: 6’3″
  • Weight: 202 Lbs
  • College: Kansas State
  • Year: R-Senior
  • Position: Cornerback


  • Exceptional size and length
  • An explosive athlete who is expected to test well
  • Has burst and force
  • Has great anticipation and awareness
  • Has enormous range which allows him to compete at the catch point
  • Has urgent mobility skills. Has no wasted move movement and plays with instant reactionary footwork
  • Can click and close superbly 
  • Fantastic reactions when attacking short routes and recognising passes out the backfield
  • Great athleticism translates when tracking the ball. He can flip his hips smoothly but fluidly and he uses his movement momentum really well
  • Is an extremely balanced player who plays with copious amounts of body control
  • Has very good field awareness
  • Is able to squeeze receivers on the outside creating leverage for him to attack the ball and the catch point
  • His wide range and radius allow him to jam the catch point leading to pass breakups
  • Has sharp cuts and his instincts translate into his anticipatory footwork
  • Plays with violent velocity 
  • Excels against the run and uses his power and twitchy athleticism to get downhill
  • Is a solid tackler 
  • Is scheme versatile and has experience in various coverages and positions. 


  • Can be beaten with speed more often than you would like to see and struggles to stick with staging pace when going deep
  • It means he can get grabby
  • Could be more physical pressing at the line of scrimmage
  • Needs to add to his functional strength profile
  • He needs to use his hands and physicality to shed blocks in the run game more consistently 
  • Needs to develop his ball skills 
  • Also needs to attack the ball at the catch point better and with more refined and thought-out decisions 


Julius Brents is a fiery, combative and instinctual corner who attacks with power and athleticism. Brents pairs his unbelievable radius and length with his anticipation to win, where he displays fantastic movement skills, as well as the mental processing to play quicker than his opponent. He needs to develop his ball skills and attack the ball better in the air, becoming more hawkish in the passing game to get more production. Brents’ skills and physical abilities make him a candidate to be picked on day 2 and he has the skills to be a day 1 starter.

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Image Credit: K-State Athletics

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