Buffalo Bills vs New York Jets Week 10 Preview

Buffalo Bills vs New York Jets Week 10 Preview
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Buffalo Bills

It was a rough game last week for the Bills in Orchard Park. Perhaps rough is understating it, their 41-9 loss to the Bears just epitomised their season so far. Buffalo has absolutely no talent on offence other than LeSean McCoy. He’s running into a mass of defenders behind the line of scrimmage because the offensive line can’t block, and he’s having to try to catch passes either at his toes or 5 feet over his head. Not being able to run or pass the ball in any shape or form gives you about as much a chance of winning a game as a brick does talking. They are averaging 151 passing yards and 10.4 points per game, both dead last in the NFL, which makes the Bills’ two wins this season all the more impressive.

The Bills have a revolving door at quarterback; rookie Josh Allen is injured. Nathan Peterman has thrown 12 interceptions in 130 career pass attempts, almost one in every ten attempts… Even Derek Anderson has played. Josh Allen is injured so it could be anyone being a piñata at quarterback on Sunday.

The singular positive this season for the Bills has been the play of their defence. I know you’re thinking, “Really Alex? They are 2-7 and have been outscored 103-20 since week 6.” They’re 9th in fewest total yards given up, have forced the most fumbles with 17 and are 9th in total tackles. They’ve benefitted from the great play by Jerry Hughes at outside linebacker and Tredavious White at cornerback. With the rest of the Bills being terrible, it has caused both Hughes and White to be forgotten about. They’ve been lost into the black hole that is this Bills team.

New York Jets

The Jets come into this game after a tough loss vs Miami. Sam Darnold’s rookie struggles jumped out and screamed at the Jets in their 13-6 defeat at the fins of the Dolphins last week. He threw 4 interceptions, but honestly, it could have been 6 or 7 interceptions. His worst one was a pick-six to rookie Miami linebacker Jerome Baker; it was the only touchdown of the game. The Jets offence looks about as predictable as the sun rising and setting every day.

Darnold is out for this game as he has a foot sprain, so veteran Josh McCown will play under centre. Darnold will be the starter when he’s back, so Jets fans want McCown to play well. The Jets defence is playing well they have allowed the ninth fewest yards per play and are tied 5th for most forced fumbles with 14. Look out for Jamal Adams who’s playing at a Pro Bowl level this season.

New York needs their rushing attack back; a month ago the Jets destroyed the Broncos with 323 yards rushing, winning 34-16. Isiah Crowell had a Jets record 219 yards in that game. But since then he’s been averaging just 2.8 yards per carry and hasn’t scored a rushing touchdown. Jets fans are hoping Crowell can get his form back to take the pressure off the quarterback.

In conclusion, the Jets are going to win by 14, because the Bills are an utter shambles. With two interceptions, three forced fumbles and a 24-10 win. The Jets will be feeling happier heading into their bye week.

Alex Riley is a 49ers fan who’s followed the game since 2010, currently at the University of Leicester. You can follow him on Twitter @NFLRiley and his blog at www.rileynfl.wordpress.com



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