After the Gridiron, what then?

After the Gridiron, what then?
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After the Gridiron, what then? It is a question professional athletes in all walks of life must ask. After they retire, what then? Pro football players are no different in that respect.

For fans it can sometimes be odd. You see a player develop from college, or starting out in the pros and then they disappear. What happened next? What are their new motivations?

Athlete to Athlete

Former BC Lion Lyle Green in now asking the questions of his fellow pros. Image from

We can all ask those questions, heck if we are lucky we might even get to ask the ex players themselves. Because we have never been in a locker room or experienced things from their perspective though there is a chance we could be missing the signals they are sending.

You certainly cannot say that of Lyle Green and his newly launched ‘After the Gridiron’ podcast. If you are a fan of either the CFL or the NFL I am convinced there will be an interview on there you will find fascinating.

Lyle is himself a retired pro footballer having spent 10 years in the CFL. He retired in 2011, playing out his last year with the Calgary Stampeders after 9 seasons with the BC Lions. He was part of the Lions 2006 Grey Cup title winning squad.

A CFL perspective

Ben Cahoon is one former CFL player we can learn more from. image from

Of course I am coming at this from a CFL perspective. Hence I am interested in getting a glimpse into the lives of former CFL athletes. Not to mention what has happened in their life after football.

It has been fascinating to learn more about Canadian football Hall of Fame member Ben Cahoon for example.

It is not that long since we were being reminded of Cahoon. What we didn’t know however was that basketball was his favourite sport growing up & soccer was his best sport. However he saw his best opportunity to get a scholarship was in football so he pursued that.

Others may have known, but neither was I aware that Kerry Joseph was a high school State champion in both javelin & discus.

I am always looking to learn more about the CFL teams and players. So if you know of other good sources of information like this, or avenues to open up the history of the game why not leave a link below or contact me?

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