The CFL Super Six is set

The CFL Super Six is set
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The ‘Super six’ teams in the CFL playoffs are set. As Jim Bowen might have said on Bullseye, that’s “super, smashing lovely”. But for the three teams sat at home it’s already a case of “look at what you could have won”.

They say history repeats itself, and so it proved. Last year at this time we knew who was in but were waiting to see who the West Division winners would be.

Although the biggest difference is that rather than Calgary, this year it was Saskatchewan who took the Division Title.

Now all the pieces of the post season jigsaw are in place. We can watch the whole thing being assembled week by week. That begins as the road to the 107th Grey Cup is set and will begin on Sunday, November 10th with the Eastern and Western Semi-Finals.

Eastern Semi-Final

Edmonton Eskimos 8-10 at the Montreal Alouettes 10-8

Following a turbulent start to the season very few people had the Alouettes on their post-season radar. However they have had their best season in years.

The Als are hosting a home playoff game for the first time since 2014. All time they have a 26-9 home playoff record.

Prior to this the two teams have not faced off in a playoff Semi-Final. Although they did match up in the 2008 Eastern Final – a game won by the Als.

Montreal and Edmonton faced each other twice in the regular season and had a win each, with both teams winning at home.

Western Semi-Final

Winnipeg Blue Bombers 11-7 at Calgary Stampeders 12-6

For the first time since the 2015 season, the defending champion Stampeders find themselves in a playoff Semi-Final game.

This match-up is a repeat of last year’s West Division Final which saw the Stamps win 22-14.

These two teams faced each other three time over the course of the regular season. Winnipeg came away from those contests with a 2-1 advantage. Every game was close, decided as they were by 2, 4 and 1 point(s) respectively.

A little clearer

We won’t know for certain after this weekend who is going to the Grey Cup. Things though will become a little clearer. That is because what we will know for certain is who isn’t going to be there as two more teams are eliminated.

As ever the best place to get the answers to our CFL questions will be on the field of play. Let’s see what the teams deliver!

Banner image: representative of the 4 CFL semi-final teams ready for action. Image from

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