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  • Height: 6’6”
  • Weight: 220 lbs
  • College: Clemson Tigers
  • Year: Junior

Trevor Lawrence will enter the draft with huge expectation on his shoulders. There is great anticipation to see Lawrence in the NFL and most scouts see him as a shoe in for the #1 overall pick come the 2021 NFL Draft.

What has surprised most league representatives is that he is actually playing the 2021 college season. A season unlike any other which has seen other top prospects opting out. Some see it as an unnecessary risk to play.

That’s because Lawrence has already stated he plans for this college season to be his last. Baring any season ending injuries he will be the most compelling prospect in the 2021 draft class and possibly since Andrew Luck.

Lawrence has always shown promise. In his high school days at Cartersville High in Georgia he went 52-2 as a starter, going on to break all sorts of regional and national records.

He was already being spoken about as a future #1 pick when he opted to play his college ball for Clemson. He went on to go 29-0 in his college career before finally being brought down by Joe Burrow and the LSU Tigers in the national championship game.

As mentioned in our ‘Ones to Watch’, Lawrence is a field general of a quarterback and scouts love his measurables. He has the height and hand size that NFL coaches love. Some see him on the slim size at just 220 lbs but he is almost certain to put on weight before the Combine.

It’s not only his pocket presence that scouts love. He is also unbelievably mobile for his height. He can escape pressure when needed with his feet and run for first downs when necessary.

See the tweet below which shows Trevor Lawrence’s ability to take the offence into his own hands and use the read option to complete a QB Draw for multiple rushing touchdowns.


  • Has all the measureables. 
  • A big time players who comes through in big time games.
  • Throws the ball with great velocity and zip.
  • A field general of a quarterback who has distinguished pocket presence.
  • Superb arm strength and will always give his receivers a chance.
  • Is versatile and can escape pressure when needed. 

What stands out in Lawrence’s film is his consistency. It’s vital that a quarterback consistently hit his targets and drops the ball into zones where they can give their receivers a chance of making a play. It’s Lawrence’s accuracy and ball placement that pops on film. He doesn’t take unnecessary risks

It is also clear that Trevor Lawrence is a leader. He sets an example to his team mates. You just have to look at his decision to play ball this Autumn. Lawrence is a quiet person in the most part but does his talking on the field. You can see in interviews that he has the personality to be successful at the next level, doing his bit for social justice as well as raising millions for charities.


  • Could improve his anticipation.
  • Has a tendency to get lazy in some moments.
  • Usually operates out of read 1 options and could benefit from an extended playbook.
  • Won’t be the speediest of QBs but can get the job done in the run game if needed.
  • Can have tunnel vision when going through defensive reads.

There aren’t to many flaws in Trevor Lawrence’s game but there are some things he will want to clean up this season.

The first being that he can lock on to 1 particular receiver for to long. Instead of going through his reads, he occasionally waits for a receiver to become open inviting unnecessary pressure. This can then cause him to force throws that aren’t there leading to interceptions.

Secondly, on some plays he fails to set his feet correctly in the pocket. This then leads to passes going too high or too low rendering them uncatchable. He also has passes batted down at the line of scrimmage with is unusual for a quarterback of his size.


Trevor Lawrence is a generational talent that doesn’t come around all to often. He projects as being the best Quarterback prospect to enter the NFL Draft since Andrew Luck did in 2012.

He possesses all the traits and measurables that you look for in a QB prospect. Whoever he gets drafted by will have a starter from day 1 in the NFL.


Feature Image Credit: Image Credit: AP Photo/Richard Shiro, File

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