Kingston Cannon: Lewis Ward sets another record

Kingston Cannon: Lewis Ward sets another record
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If you have followed any of the CFL write-ups at what a colleague refers to as ‘Ninety-Nine Yards towers’ then you’ll know this season we’ve been following the progress of one rookie pretty closely.

We’re already on record as saying we love the special teams side of things and because of that CFL rookie of the year prospect Lewis Ward caught our attention early.

Just like a lot of other CFL onlookers we have watched in awe as he tied team records and approached rookie milestones too.

It should be pretty unsurprising to learn then that he’s done it again. During a 40-32 overtime loss to Winnipeg, Ward managed to scale yet another CFL pinnacle. He now holds the most consecutive Field Goals record at 40 straight.

The streak

Since going 3 of 4 in week one Ward has split the uprights on every occasion he has been asked to do so. His new  CFL record stands at 40 straight but as of now that is an ongoing streak. He is bound to miss eventually but you are left to wonder how far he will get.

The next target in his sights could be the all time pro football record. That record for consecutive field goals stands at 44 and is held by Adam Vinatieri of the Indianapolis Colts.

It’s pretty impressive. A rookie who looked like they had an outside shot of making the team and now he’s set a league record and is close to the record of an NFL sure fire hall of fame candidate.

We don’t know how this will end, but as ever it will be fun watching it all unfold.

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