Paul Allen was not only the Seahawks owner, he was a visionary

Paul Allen was not only the Seahawks owner, he was a visionary
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On Monday night, we received the sad news co-founder of Microsoft and Seattle Seahawks owner Paul Allen had passed away due to cancer complications with his his non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma.

Seattle Seahawks fans around the world will remember how he saved the Hawks from moving from the city in the north West to Anaheim, California in 1997.

The thing was, he was the only person standing, rather than the last man standing, to make sure the Seahawks stayed put.

Ken Behring made it clear he did not care for the Seattle area or the Kingdome, the Seahawks’ and Seattle Sonics’ former home.

In fact the team were packing the moving vans when Allen stepped in.

To quote the man himself he said: “If I entered the NBA out of passion, I was called to the National Football League out of civic duty.”

His sister wrote in a statement: “My brother was a remarkable individual on every level. While most knew Paul Allen as a technologist and philanthropist, for us he was a much loved brother and uncle, and an exceptional friend” – and he was all those things.

As head coach Pete Carroll mentioned, Allen wanted to win Championships, he refused to believe a team of his would be anything but a winner and they did just that in 2013 against the Denver Broncos winning 43-8 – bringing home their first SuperBowl title.

Born and raised in Seattle, Allen’s parents always instilled into him and his sister Jody to give back to the community and he did just that with the Hawks.

It was the 65-year-old who convinced Carroll to leave USC and with this has brought years of success and winning seasons including that Super Bowl win.

As many beat Seattle reporters mentioned, Allen was a great owner, a man who was behind the team and wanted the best for them but let the people who knew about football do football – a rare thing to see in sport nowadays.

Allen’s ownership of the Portland Trail Blazers and the Seahawks remain unclear but his company Vulcan stated that “there were no changes imminent for Vulcan, the teams, the research institutes or museums.”

“It doesn’t feel like it’s time to be engaging in that conversation. We’re more into the conversation about recognising what took place and how to respect Paul and his desires and all of that,” Carroll said on Tuesday.

“There’s plenty of time to talk about all that stuff. It’s not even a factor in our minds. I understand the interest but there will be plenty of time.

“Nothing is changing. Paul wouldn’t want us to do anything different than what we’re doing, which is to go for it and to represent it every way we can until you can’t. And we’re going to go for it just in that fashion.”

Paul carried the team to never seen before heights which is something many will never forget and for that he will always be a part of the 12s.

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