Fantasy Football CFL style – a quick guide for UK fans

Fantasy Football CFL style – a quick guide for UK fans
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Fantasy football is booming in this country. But whilst lots of people are in NFL based fantasy leagues very few will have dipped their toes in the waters of CFL Fantasy Football.

Some of you might be worried about not having enough CFL knowledge to play the game. Don’t be, because I am here to tell you it is probably one of the simplest fantasy football games you can play!

In fact it is designed in such a way as to be a great help to learning about some of the stars and up & coming players in the league. We have already given you a clue on some of the players to look out for.

Combine that with a knowledge of the teams, where to watch and with playing CFL fantasy football and you will get a much more involved sense of the Canadian game.

How To Play

The CFL season kicks off in just over a week. The Season opens on June 14th when the Saskatchewan Roughriders will travel to take on the Hamilton Tiger-Cats.

With just over a week until the season kicks off, that means there’s still plenty of time to sign up and play TSN CFL Fantasy football. This is your chance to have fun & grab some bragging rights!

Follow the link above to sign up & then you can select your team. This is very different to standard NFL fantasy leagues however. There is no draft and your team changes every week!

You are the GM

The CFL fantasy game is centred around roster and money management. Effectively think of yourself as a GM modifying your roster within the constraints of a salary cap.

Every week, you have $40,000 in cap space to fill out your roster. You can choose any player from any team. The catch is that the better/higher rated a player is the more they will cost you.

You cannot stack your team with big names but you will need some. You have to find a balance between ‘worth it’ big spends and sleeper players who bring value despite low cost.

Thus with any money you save on a low price player, you can go and add a more expensive running back or quarterback, so finding the best value at certain positions is very important.

Unlike standard fantasy football, once a week is over, your $40,000 dollar cap resets and you can pick any player you want once again.

The big catch being that player values change from week to week. The better a player performs the more expensive they become and vise versa. Every week you re-set your roster and every week you are making a cost-value analysis on the players you pick.

Setting Your Roster

At the beginning of each week, you will be presented with a list of available CFL players. As discussed above they will have differing price tags.

To select a player to your team, click on the + button and they will be added to your roster. You can remove the player by clicking on the x button. To continue choosing, click on an empty position row in your roster and you will see the available players at that position.

Your roster can be comprised of the following: 1 QB, 2 RB, 2 WR, 1 Flex (either RB or WR) and 1 Defense (team).

This is where you start having other decisions to make. You can submit an incomplete roster and still gain weekly points. Because of that some players opt to leave out a position & spend more heavily on the other slots in the hope of higher returns.

As you try out new combinations all your roster moves are saved automatically.

You can edit your roster right up until game time by clicking “Edit Picks” to edit your roster. However, after a game begins, the players involved will be locked and you’ll no longer be able to add them to your roster.


So how do you score in CFL fantasy? The image below shows how points are distributed in the game.

TSN CFL Fantasy scoring. image from cflfantasy

This point system really leaves you with some interesting choices. Could you afford to leave out the D and spend big on attacking players? Could you dump a flex player for more money on the rest? Or should you fill all the slots in the hope of getting some return from every slot?

Compelling decisions like this as part of an easy to pick up game are what make it fun to play. Plus you get to know some of the star players in the CFL. It’s a win-win. Why not give it a go?

Banner image from TSN/CFL Fantasy

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