CFL Global Grows as Spain joins the partnership

CFL Global Grows as Spain joins the partnership
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The CFL Global initiative continues to grow. This time the Federation from Spain has joined the International Alliance of Gridiron Football (IAGF).

The IAGF is an organization aiming to spreading the collective global roots of gridiron football.

With the latest partnership announced between the CFL and Spain’s Federación Española de Fútbol Americano (FEFA), membership of the IAGF now stands at 14 countries.

A Global Initiative

Since the announcement of the CFL 2.0 strategy, things have really moved up a gear in preparation for the 2020 season.

We have seen co-agreements signed between the CFL and a number of other countries’ American football organizations. That includes leagues in Brazil, MexicoGermanyFranceAustria ScandinaviaItalyJapan, and Britain.

The Spanish League

The Spanish American Football League, the LNFA, has already kicked off its 2020 season.

The league was recently re-aligned. It now has 10 teams in a 2 Division format. Those teams are split into North and South Divisions.

The dominant team in Spanish football are the Badalona Dracs. Beginning play in 1988 the Dracs are 10 times Spanish Champions. That includes winning 5 of the last 6 titles.

FEFA also oversees nearly 70 total amateur teams. Thirty teams take part in the national and regional leagues, while 15 teams play at the mixed Under-17 level.

A CFL press release stated the “agreement will see the two organizations co-operate in an exchange of ideas, knowledge and experiences in hopes of bettering the state of the game in both countries, while providing players and coaches with the opportunity to develop overseas”.

Getting into football fans minds

When you think about pro American Football I am willing to bet your first thought is the NFL. That is the same in the UK and a lot of these new CFL partner countries.

As noted at the recent UK Global Combine event – the CFL has ambitions to really make this initiative work. One of the benefits of that could be global players making it into the CFL and raising the profile of the 3 down game.

The more partner associations the CFL has the more avenues those players can come from and because of that the wider its’ reach can grow.

Because the global links continue to grow, it will be fascinating to see how far this develops.

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