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  • Height: 6’2”
  • Weight: 244 Lbs
  • College: Penn State Nittany Lions
  • Year: Junior
  • Position: Linebacker

Micah Parsons is a rare talent. It isn’t often off the ball linebackers come with Parsons’ size, speed and abilities.

Parsons is one of a number of prospects who have already declared for the 2021 NFL Draft. The Linebacker has opted out of the 2020 season due to the Coronavirus pandemic, giving us the opportunity to evaluate him as a prospect earlier than usual. 

Parsons is from Harrisburg, Pennsylvania and was a 5 star recruit from Central Dauphin High School, where he played both defensive end and running back.

ESPN had him ranked as the 7th best recruit in his high school class and having received offers from a multitude of different division 1 colleges, Parsons decided to play his college ball for Penn State. 

It is at Penn State that Parsons was converted to a middle linebacker, where he led the team in tackles as a true freshman, despite only starting 1 game! Then in the 2019 season, he recorded 109 tackles, 5 sacks and 4 forced fumbles becoming an All-American in the process. 

Having played 2 seasons at Penn State, Parsons has shown enough to be considered a top prospect entering the 2021 NFL Draft. He is a big, off the ball linebacker who brings fantastic speed and athleticism to the position. 

See the video below which shows Parsons’ ability to combine raw athleticism and speed. Look out for #11.


  • Good size
  • A mismatch for opposing offences
  • An every down linebacker 
  • Versitile
  • High IQ and instincts
  • Great speed

Parsons is a unique talent. As an off the ball linebacker Parsons is one of the best prospects to enter the NFL Draft in recent times. He fits the mold of a modern day NFL linebacker. In a league that is increasingly valuing speed, Parsons will be able to play every down in the NFL due to his ability to get sideline to sideline and run downhill. 

Parsons’ versatility to blitz, rush the passer, run stuff and play in coverage will be a dream for defensive coordinators. You can use him in a host of different ways because Parsons is able to do everything. He is an explosive athlete who has good burst and speed to be disruptive in every aspect of the game.

Parsons is extremely useful when blitzing and pursuing the passer and it is one of his best traits. He is a leader on defence who will start from day 1 in the NFL. Parsons has no where near hit his potential and his ceiling is as high as it goes

The linebacker also has great size for the position. At 6’2″ 244 lbs he can match up against any position and will come in particularly useful against tight ends. Parsons has a great change of direction along with good instincts and high football IQ meaning he will cause problems for opposing offenses. 

Micah Parsons is drawing comparisons to former Carolina Panther Luke Kuechly. That’s because they both share great size, production and speed. This should show the potential Parsons has. Without trying to reach too high too soon, he could be considered one of the greats at the position.


  • Needs to be a more assertive tackler
  • Can be more disciplined
  • Can bite when in coverage

Parsons is being talked about at the top of this class for a reason. There are not a lot of weaknesses to his game. As with any prospect coming out of college there are aspects of his game that need improvement or need to be fine tuned. 

Firstly, Micah Parsons could be more disciplined at times. Now, this seems picky because he has shown that he can be disciplined while playing for Penn State. But, NFL offences will find ways of exploiting it.

On film, you see Parsons make some wrong decisions on play action passes or on read options. He can watch the quarterback’s eyes too much meaning he can be fooled into the wrong coverage or technique. It is something he’ll have to learn quickly as a pro, but if anyone can fine tune his abilities to cope it is Parsons. 

To play the linebacker position in today’s NFL takes tremendous discipline and he can over run some coverages, even if he does work his way back to make a play.

Secondly, Parsons can afford to be more assertive in his tackles. He quite often sits and waits for the tackler to get to him. He has the ability to be more aggressive in the tackle. Improving his strength in contact will help him. Parsons plays with great anticipation and by keeping on his toes and always being on the move his tackling will improve. 


Micah Parsons is a stud and one of the premier prospects in the 2021 NFL draft. He has all the production and athleticism to be at the very top of this draft class. 

Parsons has the making of an elite prospect who will help revolutionise the linebacker room for whichever team picks him. The NFL is increasingly valuing speed over any commodities and that comes at a price.

Don’t expect Parsons to be on the board for very long come draft day. 

Draft Projection: EARLY 1ST ROUND 

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Feature Image Credit: 247sports.com

Video Credit: Big Ten Network

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