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  • Height: 6’0”
  • Weight: 209 Lbs
  • College: Syracuse
  • Year: Junior
  • Position: Safety

Andre Cisco is one of many safeties making a case to be at the top of this 2021 class. It is a class that is deep but there is no clear cut number one guy. 

Cisco has already declared for the 2021 NFL Draft; a decision that was brought forward due to a lower leg injury sustained in October. He collided with a teammate during a pregame warm up, ending his season on the spot. 

Born in Queens, New York, Cisco attended St. Anthony’s High School in Long Island before he transferred to IMG Academy. He ranked down as the #52 overall safety prospect by ESPN. Cisco ended up committing to Syracuse over several division 1 offers as no power 5 team took a chance on him. 

Since then Cisco has become a two time All-ACC selection as well as winning ACC Defensive Rookie of the Year. He has also been included in Bruce Feldman’s Freak list as he can supposedly complete the shuttle in 4.1s, run a 4.33s 40 yard dash and bench press 225 Lbs 17 times!

Lately, drafts have not been charitable to the safety position. No safety was selected in the first round a year ago. Cisco will be hoping to change that. 

Andre Cisco is an absolute rarity. He is a free safety who can track the ball as good as anyone. His ability to compete and come down with takeaways will get teams interested and his production is insane.

Cisco has led the ACC in interceptions in both 2018 and 2019. So don’t let anyone question his production.

Take a look at the video below which shows Cisco’s ability to make plays using his natural instincts and speed. 


  • Production
  • Ball Hawk
  • Natural Instincts
  • Playmaker 
  • Good Movement

When it comes to watching Cisco there is one word that stands out more than any. Production, production, production. He has totaled 13 interceptions in just 24 games!

It’s clear Andre Cisco is an absolute ball hawk. His ability to make plays is non other than elite! No matter where he lines up he consistently finds ways to get to the ball.

When he gets to the ball he is aggressive and able to contest the catch, where the ball just sticks to his hands. His ball security is special. Cisco’s ball skills are great and the way he regularly gets to the ball is extremely impressive. It makes his tape an extremely exciting watch.  

He is simply gifted as a playmaker. He has ridiculous natural instincts that mean he can locate the football from anywhere on the field. 

Cisco also has really good physical traits. He has good size for the position but also moves really well. He possesses fantastic turn and twitch and has smooth, fluid movement. It means he has great tracking ability and he can change direction in an instant. 

Cisco is also lightning quick and has reportedly run a 4.33 40 yard dash. This means he can pursue and track the opposition comfortably. Pair this with his inherent intuition, he is always aware of where the football is and interprets routes really well. 

Cisco’s play comes from the fact his football intelligence is off the scale. He plays with his head up at all times and it allows him to compete and therefore, force interceptions. He will project as a true center fielder at the next level, who teams will let lose to find the ball.


  • Tackling
  • Falls for Fakes
  • Run Support

For all that Cisco does well there are some aspects of his game that he needs to improve.

The first one being his tackling ability. Cisco tackles way too low and often tries to swipe the ankles of his opponent, which leads to extra yardage and inevitable big plays.

He needs to learn to pick himself up and be stronger in the tackle. Often you just want him to wrap his arms around the opposition to stop them from progressing and from escaping. All of which can be taught, it will just take time and snaps but the effort is there. 

The second issue is that Cisco can watch the quarterback’s eyes too much at times. It means he can be easily persuadable and is susceptible to falling for the play fakes, running back hand offs and pump fakes. NFL quarterbacks will look to exploit this at the next level.

Cisco plays with his head up, which is the first step, but he will need some tutoring and added experience to refine his control. You can call him naive, you can call him gullible, but with more game time Cisco will mature and what he is taught will become innate.

Lastly, because of Cisco’s unconvincing tackling it means he is less efficient in the box. The lack of tackling and some bad angles he takes means he isn’t as imposing in the run game as he is in the passing game. It is exactly why Cisco is likely to be used in the middle of the field hunting balls for fun.


Cisco’s ability to find and retrieve the ball is unparalleled to any other safety in this class. He is a true trailblazer in the backfield and his production shows what teams will be getting in the NFL.

Questions will be raised about Cisco’s tackling ability, but teams should be confident that they can teach and oversee his continued development.

What Cisco does well is extremely difficult to teach. It’s natural, it’s genetic, it’s ingrained in him. He is a legitimate prospect who has an extremely high upside.

Cisco plays with high risk and high reward and teams will be looking at Cisco as a mainstay in the defensive secondary for years to come.

The last few drafts have not been generous to the safety position, there are plenty on offer in this 2021 draft class and Cisco will be hoping he can make a case for first round discussion.

Draft Projection: Round 2/3

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Feature Image Credit: Syracuse University Athletics

Video Credit: ACC Digital Network YouTube Channel

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