Gotta Get Back in time: CFL releases the 1980s Grey Cup Games

Gotta Get Back in time: CFL releases the 1980s Grey Cup Games
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The CFL has released the fourth collection of ‘On Demand’ Portal games showcasing Grey Cup games from 1980 onwards.

Now that the Grey Cup Portal has opened up the 1980’s, this covers a run of games from the 68th Grey Cup (1980) up to the 77th Grey Cup (1989).

This follows on from the first wave convering 1946-1959 here, the second wave covering 1960-1969 here. And the third selection of games covering 1970-1979 here.

The 1980’s Grey Cup Portal Games

The 1980’s Grey Cup games saw a different outcome for Eastern teams to the previous decade. During the 1970s the Montreal Alouettes appeared in six Grey Cup games. This time around they weren’t seen once.

Instead, it was the Hamilton Tiger-Cats making five appearances. Unfortunately for them and their fans they would go 1-4. This included, in 1980, a 48-10 loss to Edmonton that was the largest margin of defeat in Grey Cup history. They also got blasted by the Winnipeg Blue Bombers, losing by a score of 47-17 in 1984. Redemption came with a 39-15 win against Edmonton in 1986. They were also involved in one of the best Grey Cup games of all time. Coming at the end of the decade.

Following the loss of the Montreal franchise, from 1987 the Blue Bombers were realigned into the Eastern Division. So they had the oddity of winning a Grey Cup in 1984 from the Western Division. And in 1988 from the East.

Over in the West, the Caglary Stampeders did not make a single Grey Cup appearance. Which looks really odd to UK fans. Who have seen nothing but being there or therabouts from the Stamps since the CFL was regularly broadcast here.

Edmonton continued their dominance. In the 1970s Edmonton had made six appearances, finishing 3-3. This time around they appeared 5 times. Finishing with a 4-1 record in championship games. This included winning the title from 1980-82 as part of a five year championship Dynasty.

The BC Lions would make three appearances in the 1980s Grey Cup games finishing with one title. Saskatchewan would round out the wins for the West defeating Hamilton 43-40 on ‘the Kick‘ in 1989.

Where to start

If you are a fan of the CFL, or of any of the teams involved here, then it is easy to know which games to watch first.

But, if you are a neutral, or have less knowledge of the CFL game you are probably just looking for excitement. For that you may want to start with the 77th Grey Cup in 1989. This is widely regarded as one of the best Grey Cup games ever played. 83 points were put up – still a Grey Cup record, and the game was settled in the final minute of play.

There are other good matchups amongst the 1980s Grey Cup games for the neutral too. One came in 1981, when Edmonton came back from a 20-0 defecit to win 26-23. Also, fans of the NFL in the UK may enjoy seeing Warren Moon in action here.

Another good contest came in 1987 when Edmonton outlasted Toronto by 38-36 in a game that swung back and forth through six lead changes. CFL great pivot Damon Allen came off the bench for Edmonton and engineered five scoring drives in this one.

Mostly though, just find the things that entertain you and enjoy this trip back to 1980s championship games.

Following on from the 1980’s Grey Cup games, the ‘next wave’ the 1990’s games are set to be released on March the 25th.

Banner Image: Jerry Kauric Kicks 1987 Grey Cup Game Winning Field Goal. Image from

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