CFL Stocking Filler: 2022 Schedule released

CFL Stocking Filler: 2022 Schedule released
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CFL Stocking Filler: 2022 Schedule released

The CFL is playing Santa. They have given fans an early stocking filler as the 2022 schedule has been released. Giving out an early festive present like this is something of a tradition for the league.

This is the third year in a row we have seen a stocking filler like this from the CFL since covering these things from Ninety-Nine Yards towers.

As soon as the last play of the Grey Cup has been blown dead each year CFL fans ask the eternal question ‘Is is June yet?’.

We had the distraction of the league All-Stars being named. But of course fans are already looking ahead rather than behind. So this schedule release is wonderfully timely. Now people can peruse it at their leisure over the festive season and begin to make their plans whilst sipping their egg-nogs.

The 2022 Season – a full slate of games

After the reduced season we had in 2021, it appears the CFL will return to a full slate of games in 2022. There will also be a full slate of nine preseason games this time around too.

This season the league delivered a 2019 Grey Cup rematch on Week 1 of the season. Next year however, Winnipeg and Hamilton will not face each other until Week 3 of the season.

It’s all about Division rivalries to end the season

Every game in the final two weeks of the season will feature divisional contests. Throughout the season, there will be a greater emphasis on playing divisional opponents. This is designed to reduce travel and perhaps increase rivalry among neigbouring teams.

This is a return to how things were before the unusual 2021 season. In 2018 & 2019 there was a 100% rate if in Division game being played on the playoff run in and that will be the case once more.

For example, In the span of a month, from August 6 to September 5, the Argonauts and Tiger-Cats will face each other four times. All climaxing in the traditional rivalry Labour Day game in Hamilton.

The games people will often look out for are the the annual Labour Day Classics and Banjo Bowl. They will be played in September.

The 109th Grey Cup in Regina, Saskatchewan will be played on November the 20th. The earliest the championship game has been played since 2006. A complete contrast to the December Grey Cup game we had this time around.

Before the new season rolls around, why not enjoy this sticking filler from ourselves – a guide to all nine teams so you can make an informed choice.

Banner image: Simoni Lawrence celebrates – but not this year’s stocking filler from the CFL! Image from

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