Nicholas Petit-Frere: Scouting Report. Everything You Need To Know

Nicholas Petit-Frere: Scouting Report. Everything You Need To Know
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  • Height: 6” 5’
  • Weight: 315lbs
  • College: Ohio State
  • Year: Junior
  • Position: Offensive Tackle


Coming into the college ranks as a 5 star recruit from Berkeley Preparatory School, in Tampa, Nicholas Petit-Frere was not short of offers. Being ranked as the nations best player at your position will do that. Despite overtures from the likes of USC, Alabama, Florida and Notre Dame, it was the fluttering of Ohio State’s eyelashes that attracted Petit-Frere to bring his considerable talent northward. The excellent track record of Buckeyes entering the pros surely played a role in this decision. 

After redshirting his freshman year in 2018, he played back-up in 2019 before taking the starting job on the right side of the Buckeyes O-line in 2020. Helping to protect 2021 first round QB Justin Fields. 2021 saw a shift to the left side, with incumbent Thayer Munford moving inside to guard.

After a stellar 2021 season in which he Petit-Frere cemented his place as a top prospect tackle. He opted out of the Rose Bowl outing against Utah to prepare for the NFL 2022 draft.

As an aside, during th 2019 summer break, Nicholas Petit-Frere took a summer internship with WWE. Learning the ins and outs of the professional wrestling business – potentially setting some building blocks in case a career in the pros, or an early end to the same, didn’t work out.

Watch the highlights below which shows Nicholas Petit-Frere’s huge upside


  • Size and Length
  • Versatility
  • Handwork
  • Pass protection
  • Competition

Petie-Frere offers potential NFL suitors all the length and size required to be a proficient starting tackle in the pro ranks. His 6’ 5” frame, with approx 315lbs behind it, is right around average for the position. The fact he has stacked 35lbs or so onto this frame since arriving on campus at Ohio,without losing athleticism, has definitely helped.

During his time at Ohio State, Petit-Frere not only logged snaps at both right and left tackle. He started a considerable amount of games at each position. This versatility, coupled with pro teams looking to get their best 5 linemen on the field, should allow him to see the field early in his professional career.

Whilst observing Petit-Frere’s tape I have been impressed by the complexity of his handwork. His hands are always active, very heavy-hitting andhe is able to reset himself and throw more against opposition pass rush combinations, forcing opponents to work for their money if they want to best him.

For me, it is in pass protection that Petit-Frere really shows his abilities. Possessing smooth footwork and hips when he is set, he is able to counter opposition pass rush attempts. He can absorb pass rushes well with his thick frame, and his balance rarely sees him overbalancing or on the turf.

Although he hasn’t been perfect, the Buckeyes tackle has faced up against some of the nations top pass rushers such as Purdue’s George Karlaftis (who he managed to subdue) and Michigan duo Aidan Hutchinson and David Ojabo. Michigan was probably his worst outing of the season but he wasn’t terrible at was able to match up well against the pass rotation


  • Blocking angles
  • Spacing
  • Concentration lapse

Whilst pass protection is his calling card, Petit-Frere is more than capable in the run game. His ability to square up opponents and use his physical tools is an impressive sight. However, at times he can take up odd angles which reduces his power output and allows opposing defenders to slip past

Nicholas Petite-Frere, at times can be guilty of giving opposing pass rushers a little too much space, and that can lead to him losing on the inside at times, something Hutchinson was able to take advantage of on a few occasions in the Michigan game. A little more assertiveness at times in these situations would prove helpful at the next level. 

Although very occasional, it was noticeable that on a smattering of downs Petit-Frere can look like he forgets which side of the line he is operating on. He has operated on both sided and occasionally changes sides during possessions or certain plays. This is something that can probably be ironed out by sticking to one side. 


A highly regarded talent entering the college ranks, Nicholas Petit-Frere will leave the college ranks exactly the same – highly sought after and coveted. His versatility on both sides of the offensive line will make front offices smile. As will his size, agility and smoothness.

Whilst other offensive tackles may have made bigger splashes, and garner more headlines, than the Buckeyes man as we approach draft season, I would not be surprised to see Nicholas Petit-Frere outperform them all once they reach an NFL field

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Image Credit: Sports Illustrated

Video Credit: Prospects & Wheels on YouTube

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