Trevor Penning: Scouting Report. Everything You Need To Know

Trevor Penning: Scouting Report. Everything You Need To Know
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  • Height: 6” 7’
  • Weight: 320lbs
  • College: Northern Iowa
  • Year: Red Shirt Senior
  • Position: Offensive Tackle


Northern Iowa offensive tackle Trevor Penning cuts and imposing figure, standing 6” 7’ and weighing in around the 320lb mark. Growing up in the state of Iowa, Penning played both Tight End and Defensive End in High School (as well as playing basketball and throwing the discus and shot) before transitioning to the offensive line during his early years with the Panthers.

He redshirted his freshman year in 2017, learning the game in preparation for his transition to the O-Line. 2018 saw him log a few games as a blocker. But, 2019 was his coming out party, starting 15 games as an OT. 

As with all players, his development was stunted somewhat by the COVID-19 pandemic. But, he did manage to start all 6 games in the truncated FCS Spring season in 2021. Before normal service resumed in the Autumn. Being the only offensive lineman nominated for the Walter Payton Award (most outstanding offensive player in the FCS) shows exactly how his 2021 season went.

Watch the video below which shows how dominating Trevor Penning can be


  • Size, Length and Range
  • Athletic Ability
  • Pass protection
  • Finishing

Penning size is well documented and sets him up well for the transition to the NFL. His arm length is also ‘NFL standard’ at 34 ⅞ inches. This length and range in evident in his play style, allowing him to engage well with a variety of pass rushing style. 

Penning’s physical size is paired with outstanding athletic ability – a combination that will have NFL scouts and GMs sitting up and taking notice. Making Bruce Feldman’s ‘Freak List’ will have done him no harm either – squatting 625 combined with a 5.0 rumoured 40 yard dash is no mean feat.

 An explosive kick-slide out of stance allows Penning to set himself well against opposing pass-rushers and he takes up good angles, whilst his lightness on his feet is an impressive feature. 

Finally the Northern Iowa Panthers ability to finish opponents in both the passing and running game jumps out. Taking the opportunity whenever it presents itself, Penning is not one to shy away from trying to bury his opponent into the turf. 


  • Leverage
  • Run blocking assignments
  • Holding
  • Opposition level

Despite having the requisite height for the position, Penning’s hulking frame can prove a problem for him at times as he has a tendency to come off the ball quite high, allowing opponents with bend and flexibility to win underneath.

When he gets going in the run game, Penning can be unstoppable. A huge frame, coupled with speed and power, he is able to dominate less fortunate defensive players. However, at times he can seem a bit confused as to his assignment in the run blocking scheme, resulting in him missing blocks or moving around searching for engagement. This is something he will need to clean up on when he transitions to the pros.

Despite having very strong hands and a vice like grip, there things to work on. When he is able to get his hands inside the chest of opponents it can be game over, however if he is unable to do this Penning can be guilty of clamping an opponents arms in a hugging manoeuvre, resulting in holding calls. 

The old adage ‘you can only play what’s in front of you’ holds true, but Penning has been competing at the FCS level and at times it does look like men versus boys. He did well against Iowa State pass rusher Will McDonald IV but his resume against top pass rushers may not hold up against others in the class.


Trevor Penning cuts an intriguing figure with all the tools required to be a successful starting tackle in the pros. His athleticism and physical stature certainly pass ‘the eye’ test. If he lands in the right spot, and is allowed time to develop some more technical nous, he has every chance to be a hugely successful player in the NFL. After all, there is a reason he, and not Buffalo Bills starting right tackle Spencer Brown, was protecting the blind side during their time together as Northern Iowa Panthers. 

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Feature Image Credit: Charlie Neibergall/AP

Video Credit: DoABarrowRoll & Off-season Productions on YouTube

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