Taking Shape: The CFL Playoffs

Taking Shape: The CFL Playoffs
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Taking shape is just what the 2022 CFL playoffs are doing. There are plenty of things still to decide. Like who will play who and where. But following the conclusion of Week 16 of the season we have a much sharper picture now.

That is because three more teams have joined the Winnipeg Blue Bombers who secured their post-season place in Week 13.

Who’s definitely in?

The teams that are now in are:

Winnipeg Blue Bombers – the two time defending Grey Cup champions are in for the sixth year in a row.

Calgary Stampeders – the 2018 champions are in for the 17th consecutive year.

BC Lions – the Lions, who last won it all in 2011 are in for the first time in three seasons, and have only been to the postseason once in the last four years.

Toronto Argonuats – the Argos who last won the Grey Cup in 2017 and followed that by going 8-28 over the two ensuing seasons are in their second consecutive postseason under HC Ryan Dinwiddie.

Taking shape for the final slots?

With Montreal at 6-7 behind Toronto’s East leading 8-5, we would currently be set to see two East teams qualify alongside 4 West teams this year. (Saskatchewan hold the last place at the moment at 6-8). But there is plenty of on field action still to come and plenty of things are left to be decided.

We may see mathematical elminations or the final places taken. Perhaps even we will soon know who is hosting who in the semi finals and who will be waiting in the Division Finals.

As the season runs towards it conclusion we will see more and more of these questions answered. As ever it will be fun watching it all take shape as we follow the on field action.

Banner Image: Defenfing Grey Cup chamipons Winnipeg are in once again as the 2022 CFL playoffs are taking shape. Image from cbc.ca

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