Marvin Meets the Media

Marvin Meets the Media
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Ahead of Sunday’s game against the Denver Broncos, members of the Jaguars spoke to the media.

First up was Marvin Jones, wide receiver, who this year surpassed 7,000 yards receiving. He was asked what makes Jaguars quarterback Trevor Lawrence stand out? “Being cool, calm and collective in the huddle even in big moments”. This will be vital against a fearsome Denver defence featuring star pass rusher Bradley Chubb.

Jone said that he likes the change of scenery provided by the London trip and he’s enjoying the slightly less scripted practice it provides. He views travelling out here and the experience to be a good thing but didn’t feel a lot of advice was given regarding the travel. However, Jones felt that, whilst you couldn’t get away from the effects of travel and the big time change, once you move around a bit in practice and then go and explore the city a little bit you’ll wake up.

On facing Patrick Surtain II, Jones replied “We just need to play our game. He’s a good young corner. I played against him last year as well. He has some great attributes and is really professional about his approach. Obviously their defence, they have a good defence and an aggressive defence. They play the right way but we have a great offense so we cant wait to play.

Jones will be excited to play in Wembley. He noted that it was a historical arena and he couldn’t wait to play. With Jones averaging 12.0 yards per reception, he could make an impact as the Broncos try to lock up Christian Kirk. Kirk, the big off season acquisition, has been the receiver of choice thus far in the season.

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