Lawrence Loves London

Lawrence Loves London
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Ahead of Sunday’s game against the Denver Broncos, members of the Jaguars spoke to the media. Next in this series is second-year quarterback Trevor Lawrence. Who has raised his level of play after a disappointing season last year, mainly due to coaching issues.

Lawrence joined the media after practice and told us that he really enjoys the teams visits over here. As well as seeing all the different jerseys, although there are are a lot of Jags fans in the UK. He joked with us that he’s 1-0 in the London games. The quarterback is really excited to play at Wembley. (The team played at Tottenham last year). Having had heard it was incredible about the stadium. He looked forward to seeing all the fans come out and said it should be a fun day.

Trevor spoke on the benefits of his familiarity with Jaguars running back Travis Etienne. With whom he also played in college. In their fourth year together, Lawrence said that it adds comfort. And you can see Etienne growing in comfort with the offence. The quarterback described Etienne as “A player that can turn a 5 yard run into a 60 yard run with just a little bit of space.” He knows that he can help the team. He said it took Etienne, who missed all of last year through injury, a few games to the speed and flow of the pro game.

Wembley bound Jags fans will hope for plays like this.

When asked about the difference between the tumultuous coaching from last year and the benefits of Doug Pederson, Lawrence said that after the uncertainty of the off season, the coach was able to come in and smooth everything over and gain the players trust. He said that Pederson a great communicator and is clear about what he wants. Specifically, he’s said, “Being a quarterback with his background , having played in the league, coached in the league and won a Super Bowl as a player and a coach. I obviously have a lot of respect for that. He knows how to get there, he knows how to get there an that’s obviously a bonus. He’s been good for us,”.

Lawrence was focused on keeping on schedule, just like they would for a normal game, despite all the travel. When asked, he said that it was something they did a good job with last year. Now he had confidence that they’d do so again. But whoever executes the best on Sunday is going to win.

Lawrence on the pass rush

Asked about facing Bradley Chubb and the rest of the fearsome pass rush, Lawrence stated that every week the pass rush is good. He continued saying, “Honestly, this defence is really good all round…obviously their pass rush is really good. But you look at their back end, secondary and linebackers are playing really good. It’s just staying on schedule, not letting those guys get a chance to tee off on you and keep them on their heels. It’s all of us, it’s the o-line, its me, it’s the running back, it’s the receivers being on time, all those things. We’ve just got to execute and be clean and I think we’ve great plan for it”.

The former Clemson signal caller said that it will be great to play in a different stadium and atmosphere because any time you get to play its special but that “even more so being over here makes it more special. We need to take advantage of this opportunity, play our best and come away with the win. That’s the main goal.”

Finally, Lawerence spoke on his outlook for the season and hoped the team could go on a run as we approach the mid point of the season as it’s where teams start to separate. He emphasised the the team need to “make that decision to execute, to play clean and to win those close games down the stretch. That’s what its all about. I think that we’ve got the right guys to do it but we’ve got to turn the corner and make those plays and finish these games. I think this is a great opportunity to start that but moving forward its time to flip that switch!”.

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