Matthew Bergeron: Scouting Report. Everything You Need To Know.

Matthew Bergeron: Scouting Report. Everything You Need To Know.
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  • Height: 6’5”
  • Weight 322 lbs
  • College: Syracuse
  • Year: Junior
  • Position: Offensive Tackle


Matthew Bergeron is one of the most underrated, under-the-radar offensive tackle prospects in the 2023 NFL Draft class. A solid, dependable but exciting prospect, Bergeron combines athletic ability, power and intelligence to be one of the top tackles at the college level. 

Born in Victoriaville, Quebec, Canada, Matthew Bergeron attended Cégep de Thetford in Thetford Mines. In a fantastic high school career which included Bergeron being a PrepStar All-Region Selection and Offensive Line Player of the Year in 2018, he became the first player in Thetford’s history to receive a scholarship to a Division I college. Bergeron was the 2nd overall recruit from Canada in his recruitment class as one of the top offensive tackle prospects and committed to Syracuse. 

At Syracuse Bergeron has been a mainstay across the offensive line. In his freshman season, he featured in all 12 games. Starting 5 of them at right tackle towards to end of the season. Then in his sophomore season in 2020, after playing the first 3 games at right tackle, he transitioned to left tackle and has started there ever since. Bergeron’s move across the line to left tackle coincided with an uplift in the performance of the offensive line and has helped Syracuse establish a consistent run game which has created an incredible talent at running back in Sean Tucker. 

On top of his on-field production, every year Bergeron has been a member of the Athletic Director’s Honor Roll and was made a team captain in 2022. 

Matthew Bergeron is a consistent, solid tackle prospect who has great power and athleticism and should demand significant attention.

You can check out the video below which shows his skillset. Look for #60 at Left Tackle.


Matthew Bergeron is a prospect with great size measurables and possesses great strength, athleticism and intelligence.  

For his size, Bergeron has more than enough athleticism and his mobility skills are incredibly underrated. He is able to burst and work the perimeter when in pass protection, snapping his feet to sure up the outside. As said, Bergeron is explosive out of his stance and can move both laterally and vertically with fluidity. This stems from Bergeron’s fantastic footwork which is active and quick. 

Bergeron also shows great physicality and power. When he does get moving in the run game, he hits with brawn and stubbornness. His power and core strength mean he can drive defenders back, opening up running lanes.

This strength also shows in Bergeron’s anchor. His ability is so refined and polished that he can combat most situations. In pass protection, his power means he rarely gets beaten. He isn’t a player you see on the ground and his core strength transitions to his hands where he has solid hand placement and grip. He keeps his hands high, working his leverage and extends to maintain it. 

Knowing how to use his tools to his advantage, you rarely see Bergeron give up leverage. This is where Bergeron’s football IQ really kicks in, where he can show that he can read defences well and understands what is coming his way pre-snap. Using his fluid athletic ability and raw power to win. He also is able to use that intelligence and his instincts to react in-play.

Overall, the best way to describe Bergeron is extremely polished. He is already demonstrating that he can compete at a very high level and shows he can be a solid, dependable talent at the next level. 


While Matthew Bergeron has a lot of talent, potential and dependability, there are some areas that have question marks or that need to be worked on. 

Firstly, Bergeron can struggle with his balance at times. Now, this doesn’t often result in him ending up on the ground, but it does mean he can lose control. Whether that be his transition of weight and his center of gravity or hand placement.

Bergeron could also get lower in his stance at times, which would help him sustain blocks. This would help with his balance as sometimes when he plays too high, he has to make a secondary recovery movement when he doesn’t get the initial punch, surrendering leverage.

He can also struggle to recover from these situations, leading to him chasing when facing speed and being pushed back against power.  


Matthew Bergeron is summed up best as a reliable, trusty, dependable option at the next level. 

His athletic profile gives him the potential to grow and his toughness and attitude will be enough to satisfy NFL teams. 

The 2023 offensive tackle class does not have a clear runaway, elite candidate. But, it does have a bunch of names that give this class greater depth. Bergeron is in that category and has continued to showcase his solid play through his senior year. 

A player who will likely get looks from All-Star games, Bergeron will keep having opportunities to show his talent and his maturity which will be valued highly. 

Expect Bergeron to at least be in the conversation as a top 5 OT in the 2023 NFL Draft offensive tackle class.

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Feature Image Credit: Syracuse Athletics

Video Credit: ESPN

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