Broderick Jones: Scouting Report. Everything You Need To Know

Broderick Jones: Scouting Report. Everything You Need To Know
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  • Height: 6’4”
  • Weight: 310lbs
  • College: Georgia
  • Year: Redshirt Sophomore
  • Position: Offensive Tackle
  • Number: 59


The hype around Broderick Jones as a tackle prospect has been building since he was in high school, where he was a standout performer in Lithonia, Georgia. Despite a 5 star recruit label for the 2020 recruitment cycle, Jones had already committed to the Georgia Bulldogs as far back as 2018. He stuck true to his word and arrived on campus ready in 2020, where he was initially redshirted.

2021 saw Jones log some reps, and a significant chunk of playing time when Jamaree Salyer went down. Jones held his own against strong opponents, showing flashes of his fascinating upside. 2022 has seen Jones snare the starting left tackle job for the dominant Bulldogs.


  • Size and build
  • Movement skills
  • Power
  • Flexibility

Broderick Jones looks like an offensive lineman. He is a solid specimen and has an even body weight distribution, carrying his weight well across his frame.

For his size, Jones moves well off the line of scrimmage, matching pass rushers well with good footwork. His kick out into a passing stance is fast and allows him to get set well against smaller, nimbler pass rushers. In the run game, he is plenty able to both move down the field well and lead his running back, as well as being able to pull effectively closer to the line.

Jones on tape demonstrates flexibility belying his size, a trait that garners favour with NFL scouts. He’s able to turn his hips well and change direction to close off gaps. He is also able to sink well and play low, on passing sets lowering his centre of gravity and allowing a solid anchor.

Transitioning explosiveness into power is also evident in Jones’ play. He can use his power to drive defensive players at will. His striking, when timed correctly, can knock the stuffing out of opposing defenders.


  • Technique

It almost seems egregious to criticise someone with a dozen starts under their belt for their technique. However, Jones will have to work on this for the rest of this season, and over the draft process. He is very much a work in progress, and that is okay at this stage of his development. His hand placement can be erratic at times and allows defends to get up into his chest and control him. His pad level at times can require attention, again this allows defensive linemen to out-leverage him.


Broderick Jones will always have eyes on him, given that he plays for one of the top-level teams in college football. So far he has coped admirably with the expectation on his young shoulders. Jones has all the upside that NFL teams will look for in a young tackle. His is, to a degree, a projection, however, the strides he has made in a short time as a starter should see a team take the risk early. We have seen offensive tackles with top-end trades drafted early and often – I cannot see why Jones would not follow suit.

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