Peter Skoronski: Scouting Report. Everything You Need to Know

Peter Skoronski: Scouting Report. Everything You Need to Know
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  • Height: 6’4
  • Weight: 315 lbs
  • College: Northwestern
  • Year: Junior
  • Position: Offensive Tackle
  • Number: 77


Peter Skoronski, the impressive tackle from Northwestern, comes from an NFL family. His grandfather, Bob, was a captain of the Green Bay Packers and has been enshrined in their Hall of Fame. This family pedigree was evident early as Skoronski shone at high school in Illinois – playing as both a defensive and offensive lineman he earned 2018 & 2019 All-State honours. 

These impressive displays in High School led to offered from Notre Dame, Michigan and Penn State. However, Skoronski chose Northwestern where he felt there was the best change to play as a tackle, as opposed to an interior guy.

It was felt that Skoronski could sit under the learning tree of current Chargers standout Rashawn Slater before taking over the left side of the offensive line. However, COVID-19 hit and Slater opted out of his final year in college. This led to Skoronski being thrown in at the deep-end as a freshman. However the main from Maine South did not disappoint. Over the next nearly 3 seasons, Skoronski has continued to impress, even earning All-Big Ten honours as a freshman. 

Since the summer time, if not earlier, Skoronski has been lauded as one of the top offensive line prospects for the 2023 draft


  • Explosiveness & Speed
  • Pass Protection
  • Football IQ

Whilst the Northwestern Wildcat is not the most physical opposing offensive tackle to look at, there is a lot like about his game. Skoronski is lightening quick off the snap, whether that be advancing forward in the run game or getting into his passing sets. Skoronski also offers great speed across the ground. He moves with ease for a man of his size both in straight lines and laterally. His quick feet are certainly a calling-card, particularly when mirroring his direct opponent.

Whilst capable in the run game, it is really in passing downs where Skoronski demonstrates his class. A solid anchor means opposing defenders find it difficult to move him off track, The way he establish a base, even if his upper body is being controlled, means he is really beaten with ease. 

Skornoski is also a very cerebral player who does not just rely on physically overwhelming opponents that other offensive lineman may try to do. His understanding of angles, leverage and counters means he can stay one step ahead of oncoming pass rushers


  • Arm length
  • Power

The one knock we can all expect to hear time and time against throughout the draft process is Skoronski’s arm length. Whilst I could not find any verified measurables, they do look on the shorter side on tape. When you do see him struggle, it can be against long armed pass rushers can can out leverage him.

Skoronski plays with a lot of fitnesse and nous, but appears to lack a real ‘edge’ to his game. He does not appear to have that nasty streak in him where we wants to bury his opponent into the turf. His ‘punch’ does not seem to have the same force or fire behind it that some of his o-line peers may possess. 


For me, Skoronski is a rock-solid, if not spectacular, player and projects to have a long career at the next level. His understanding of the game and the technical aspects of O-line play will endear him to many a coach. The big question mark surrounding him will inevitably where does he play. For some, they may see his play style and arm length more effective on the interior at guard. However, I think he will be drafted in the top 25 and given the change to play at tackle, before potentially moving inside if this does not work out. 

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