Isaiah Foskey: NFL Draft Scouting Report

Isaiah Foskey: NFL Draft Scouting Report
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  • Height: 6’4”
  • Weight 262 lbs
  • College: Notre Dame
  • Year: Senior
  • Position: Edge


  • Great size
  • Is thick in stature but also athletic.
  • Big-time athleticism.
  • Strong length and build. Long arms and good wingspan
  • Can beat you in multiple different ways
  • Genrates immense speed. 
  • Has exceptional footwork and mobility
  • Is flexible and bendy while also keeping great power.
  • Is extremely explosive out of his stance and 
  • Is able to convert his speed into power
  • Exceptional technique and is already extremely polished. 
  • High IQ prospect who has good instincts and anticipation
  • An incredibly decisive prospect who make good decisions and has incredible awareness to read the field.
  • Is diverse in his pass-rushing ability and o-linemen won’t be able to work him out easily as he can mix up rushing techniques and angles. 
  • Is versatile in alignment. Will be scheme versatile and can win both inside and out.
  • Is an incredibly dependable prospect. What you see is what you get.
  • An NFL-ready starter who has been incredibly productive throughout his college career
  • Ends his career at Notre Dame as the all-time sacks leader (26.5 sacks)
  • Has really good tools and uses them incredibly well.


  • Could deploy better counters. When he loses out he has a tendency to lock his elbows and overextend. It leads to inconsistencies in his ability to get off blocks when rushing.
  • As he faces bigger and longer tackles in the NFL he will need to develop a counter plan and will need to work on his ability to shed bulkier opponents. 
  • He needs to work on his power profile as it is when he is engaged in contact he gets locked up. 
  • Is more of a 2-point stance, stand-up rusher, rather than a hand-in-the-dirt prospect. 


Isaiah Foskey is a plug-and-play-ready NFL player who has a really high floor. If your team needs an edge rusher to come in and contribute straight away they won’t go far wrong with Foskey. However, how much room he has to grow further develop should be given consideration and how high he goes depends on how maxed-out NFL teams think he already is. He is a player who looks like he will be a steady rusher in the NFL, but, he may not be able to hit the heights of the NFL elite.

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