Keion White: NFL Draft Scouting Report

Keion White: NFL Draft Scouting Report
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  • Height: 6’5”
  • Weight 286 lbs
  • College: Georgia Tech
  • Year: R-Senior
  • Position: Defensive Line


  • A Freakish Athlete. Was on Bruce Feldman’s FreaksList – Can jump 32″ bench 38 reps and has hit 21 mph running.
  • Hits all the size measurables and then some. Also has great length.
  • A do-it-all defensive lineman who is versatile enough to line up all over the defensive front.
  • Can play inside or edge. Has the athletic ability to be more than competent at both.
  • Has the freakish speed to be a force on the edge but the raw strength and down to cause disruption inside.
  • Incredibly high motor. Is a player who never gives up and it is consistent on every play
  • His power profile allows him to drive opponents back with his aggressive abrupt brute force.
  • Has the athletic ability to chase down runners in the run game
  • Strength and quickness allow him to shed blocks to get after runners.
  • Can drop into coverage when asked. Is sticky when doing so. While you may not want him to do this a lot it is a great string to his bow and shows the type of player you are getting.
  • Takes on double teams and tries on beating them. He has the horsepower, clout and extortion to stress those tasked with blocking him
  • His hand placement is strong and punchy and creates shockwaves through opponents.
  • He has hands like hooks and once he gets his hands on you they don’t leave. It leaves him in full control


  • While his hand placement is physical it could become more accurate and cleaner
  • Is still fresh to the position having been recruited as a tight end. Transitioned to defensive line in 2019. Had 124 yards off 11 passes as a freshman tight end in 2018.
  • Would like to see a better arsenal of skill moves to deploy
  • Doesn’t have a clean push/pull move to free up space to attack.
  • Needs to lower his pad level against the run. He can get caught too high and then he can’t win back the leverage that he has sacrificed.


Keion White is a versatile defensive lineman who can win with both strength and speed. White Transferred to Georgia Tech from Old Dominion where he was from 2017-20, where he played TE before transitioning in 2019. He has elite-level athlete ability and it gives him the base to perform at an incredibly high level on an NFL team. His skill set may be best suited to a 3-4 defensive end where he can utilise his raw, natural tools. Keion White has all the traits to be a success at the next level and with some refinement will be a provocative force on any defensive line from day 1.

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