Tyjae Spears: NFL Draft Scouting Report

Tyjae Spears: NFL Draft Scouting Report
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  • Height: 5’10”
  • Weight: 190 Lbs
  • College: Tulane
  • Year: Junior
  • Position: Running Back


  • A speedy, explosive runner
  • Can change direction in an instant
  • Has incredible mobility and movement skills
  • Has all the tricks in the book 
  • Evades tackles and can beat you in so many ways
  • Extremely intelligent at identifying space
  • Is elusive in open space and has the speed to maintain separation
  • Shows competitive toughness
  • Has great contact balance 
  • Runs with purpose and power without being the biggest back
  • Is a twitchy, shifty runner who plays full throttle every play while also being light on his feet
  • Extremely decisive and has conviction in his play style and mentality
  • Has shown he can be effective as a receiver. Hasn’t been asked to do a lot of it but when he has he has shown he has good hands and balance to carry momentum through the catch. 
  • He also shows the ability to gain yards after the catch as he has the body control to carry the possession through the catch and up field.


  • Is a smaller back so he does have size concerns
  • While he evades tackles his lack of strength means he doesn’t necessarily break tackles. 
  • Has competitive toughness but not a huge strength profile
  • Needs to learn how to pass protect and it will mean he is unlikely to be on the field for all 3 downs early in his NFL career


Tyjae Spears is one of the most twitched up, explosive running backs in this class. The way he links up his movement skills, agility and explosiveness with his insane instincts means he will be impactful in the NFL from day 1. Despite being a smaller back and he does need to develop his pass protection, he should still be taken as one of the top running backs off the board.

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Image Credit: Tulane Athletics

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