Kenny McIntosh: NFL Draft Scouting Report

Kenny McIntosh: NFL Draft Scouting Report
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  • Height: 6’1″
  • Weight: 210 Lbs
  • College: Georgia
  • Year: Senior
  • Position: Running Back


  • 3 down back potential
  • Great size
  • Great athleticism and speed
  • Shows patience as a runner. Waits for lanes to open then hits them with explosive speed
  • Has great vision, awareness and anticipation
  • Is incredibly speedy. Has different gears of speed and can change gears quickly and smoothly
  • Footwork is active and quick
  • Is elusive when in space to evade tackles
  • Maintains speed both laterally and vertically
  • Extremely fluid mover and is agile 
  • His cuts are powerful and quick
  • Has really good strength profile
  • Has really good contact balance and can ride through tackles
  • His balance and strength mean he can bounce off tacklers and gain extra yardage. Is happy to fight through contact and take on hits
  • Has an extremely strong receiving resume
  • One of the best pass catchers at the RB position in this draft
  • Has lined up across the offence and can catch passes from anywhere. Has lined up in the backfield, slot and on the outside
  • Is a strong route runner and shows skills and nuances to create separation
  • Has shown development in pass protection and with more coaching, it is something he can be competent in
  • Shows intelligence 
  • Has versatility


  • Can play too tall at times. 
  • His pad level means he opens up the attack area for tacklers which can stop him from gaining extra yards
  • Has very limited pass-protection snaps so his pass-protection skills are a bit of projection. He has shown promise through in the reps he has taken.
  • Can struggle fighting through traffic when running between the tackles. Prefers to run outside where he has space to work in
  • Has been a part of a committee of backs in college. May need to be used in the same way at the next level


Kenny McIntosh flashes a great skill set which meshes together, size, speed and receiving ability. While he has been used in a system that utilises a committee of RBs, McIntosh stood out due to his exceptional receiving ability, which will see him be utilised early and often in his NFL career. Displaying good vision and contact balance, as well as a refined pass catcher, McIntosh has the make-up of a modern NFL running back. If paired with a thumper of a running back to change up the tempo, then he will be able to forge a successful NFL career.

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