Roschon Johnson: NFL Draft Scouting Report

Roschon Johnson: NFL Draft Scouting Report
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  • Height: 6’2″
  • Weight: 223 Lbs
  • College: Texas
  • Year: Senior
  • Position: Running Back


  • Great size
  • Tall and a thick frame
  • Fantastic athleticism
  • Plays with physicality and has a powerful running style
  • Runs with purpose and force
  • Aggressive and violent when running between the tackles
  • Is a committed runner whose style is tenacious and determined
  • Has great change of direction
  • Can sell fades and fakes
  • Can evade tackles with misdirection and can get defenders to bite
  • Can fabricate his own space as a creative runner
  • Is incredibly instinctual
  • Has unbelievable footwork in short areas
  • His strength and power give him great contact balance
  • Simply bounces off tacklers using his strength and balance to create opportunities
  • Can bounce out of contact to pick up extra yardage
  • His vision is superb
  • Has patience behind the line and waits for lanes to open
  • Has the instant burst to hit running lanes and the footwork to explode through them
  • Has the ability to catch the ball out of the backfield and is a threat as a receiver
  • His catch radius is big enough and his receiving ability is good enough to compete as a check-down option and he can get it done in the flat
  • Simply outstanding in pass protection
  • Has the strength, power and know-how to deal with rushers.
  • His awareness and football IQ allows him to pick up his reads and he has the frame and technique to deal with blitzers.


  • Does not have the breakaway long speed that others do
  • Needs more time to refine his route-running skills. Didn’t display much in his routes at Texas and teams will need to get him up to speed that way
  • Isn’t the most flexible and bendy of players meaning he can not sink his hips 
  • It means his stop/start ability is not instant when he is in open space and he can play too upright
  • Has had a low volume of touches but that may mean his best ball is still ahead of him


Roschon Johnson may have been the backup at Texas to Bijan Robinson, but his play is deserving of so much more hype. He is a powerful runner who rushers with intent and purpose. He was underutilised in college and his low volume of carries will mean his best years are still ahead of him. Johnson can do it all as a complete running back and he is ready to step out of the shadows and rightly make a name for himself. Am RB who should demand day 2 attention, do not sleep on how good Johnson is simply because he was a backup. 

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Image Credit: Texas Athletics

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