Andrew Booth: Scouting Report. Everything You Need To Know 

Andrew Booth: Scouting Report. Everything You Need To Know 
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  • Height: 6’0
  • Weight: 195 lbs
  • College: Clemson
  • Year: Junior
  • Position: Cornerback


Andrew Booth is a walking highlight reel at the cornerback position. In a relatively short College career he has propelled himself squarely into the conversation as one of the top prospects in this position group ahead of the 2022 NFL Draft. 

His high school beginnings, in Lawrenceville Georgia, gave a clear indication that Booth was a special talent. Although he gained experience at wide receiver and showed prowess as a kick returner, he excelled as a corner with outstanding production. A 5* recruit, he was rated as the 2nd best cornerback in the country from the 2019 class (behind Derek Stingley JR).

Colleges clamoured to get his signature. The likes of Alabama, Notre Dame and his home state of Georgia were all in the running but Booth committed to Clemson.

He initially struggled with injury and found stiff competition for playing time. It was not until a successful knee surgery and seeing fellow Tiger, A.J. Terrell, drafted in 2019 that Booth made the step up with a highly impressive 2020 season.

His college career thus far has been littered with some outrageous plays made on the ball but will he have done enough in 2021 to cement his place into round 1 of the Draft?  

Watch the video below which shows just how good of a prospect Andrew Booth is!


  • Fast fluid
  • Physical 
  • Ball skills

Andrew Booth is quick and noticeably fluid in his movements. He possesses that rare ability to both match a receiver in terms of straight-line speed and to mirror any twitchy opponents who try to slip away with changes of direction.

He plays with a high motor, seeking to be involved on the field wherever he can. These qualities can also be a great benefit on special teams: either as a returner or a gunner.

When you couple his speed with the level of physicality Andrew Booth brings to the game, you have a potent combination. He is aggressive in his approach and eager to come downhill in support against the run game or as an additional pass rusher.

Booth is also more than content to use that aggression in contested-catch situations, going up against receivers of any size. He backs himself to win and has all the swagger on the field of a lockdown corner.

His highlight reel gives an instant indication of his tremendous ball skills. Again he falls into that category of a player where time at receiver in high school has assisted his ball tracking and catching abilities.

Andrew Booth uses these skills alongside making the most of a long-frame and reach to good effect. Look out for the insane one-handed interception against Virginia Tech in 2020. All in all Booth has the traits to be a top corner in the NFL.


  • Over-aggression
  • Football IQ / Awareness

Andrew Booth’s energy and aggression are positives, most of the time. However, his relative inexperience means that this can occasionally spill over and impact his effectiveness. This has led to some mistiming in his positioning or in the tackle.

Where, he is enthusiastic rather than technically sound at the moment. He also had one instance of being a little overly-physical leading to an ejection, although that was in his freshman year. 

He is still very raw as a player and he needs as many snaps as he can possibly get in 2021 to gain more experience and take his learning at the position to a deeper level.

Booth is still getting a feel for his role in zone coverage. This is a skill he will need to hone as he progresses. More reps can only help his technique in terms of both his positional awareness and play recognition. This should give him greater consistency, week in week out. 


All the athletic traits are in place for Andrew Booth to succeed. He has the speed and twitch to cope with elusive receivers and the aggression to go on the attack to disrupt offenses on the ground and in the air.

Booth burst on to the scene in 2020 and has a highlight reel most receivers would be proud of. Still very much on a learning curve, there is the need for Booth to refine his game and adjustment may take time in the NFL.

Teams will be sold on his potential as a cornerback but they will also need to be prepared for bumps along the way. Andrew Booth’s inexperience could be exploited by oppositions early on in his pro-career.

Andrew Booth would fit in nicely to a situation where a team did not require him to be a lockdown corner from day one.

As such he could be a good candidate to be selected at the back-end of round one to a playoff team already blessed with good depth at the position. This would give him time to grow and develop into the elite cornerback his athleticism and instincts suggest he could be. 

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Video Credits: The Sports Junky, ACC Digital Network & Prospects on YouTube!

Feature Image Credit: USAToday

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