NFL Draft Prospects Overs/Unders 

NFL Draft Prospects Overs/Unders 
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The NFL Draft is just days away we look at some of the NFL Draft Overs/Unders and see what that tells us about this year’s draft. 

Betting props can often give us an indication as to where a class is seen and what the overall view is on where players may fall. These lines are often set conspicuously to entice punters to lay a bet. But, they can give a more overarching view on what we can maybe expect. 

How the overs/unders work is straight forward. If the line is set at 3.5, then if you go under you are thinking that player A is being taken in the first 3 picks. If you go the over, then you are betting that they are being taken at 4 or higher. 

These NFL Draft overs/unders lines do fluctuate based on activity and how experts generally view the class/player. 

A few days out we take a look at some of the NFL Draft overs/unders and see what our Draft Editor Owain Jones thinks about them. 

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Derek Stingley – 10.5

Derek Stingley
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With all the momentum, with all the athleticism and the 2019 tape, I would think Stingley is a good bet to go in the top 10. With even talk of him going as high as 3 to the Texans. 

Desmond Ridder – 28.5 

This line seems a little high. I would be taking the under. Ridder has bossed the pre draft process, teams love his athleticism, but also love his leadership and management skills more. Teams love what he brings. 

George Karlaftis – 19.5

Karlaftis is one of the more polarising evaluations it seems in draft circles. Some have him rated as a top 10 prospect. Some have him ranked towards the back end. The over/under here will come down to which camp you are in and how confident you are in your evaluation.

Kenny Pickett – 12.5 

Kenny Pickett
Image Credit: Sporting News

This line also feels a little strange. If you want to bet this line, it would all come down to whether you think the Panthers would take him at 6. 6.5 would feel a better line, so if you believe that the Panthers are in on Pickett. Go the under. The wildcard is if the Panthers have a trade partner and could slide back and still pick him up. The Vikings are a possibility coming up from 12 for a corner, that would a trade that looks enticing. It may not happen but that still favours the under. Overall though, it is a line I would want nothing to do with.

Jordan Davis – 14.5 

The perfect line to give everyone panic. Davis screams Raven player. An athletic linemen who they can continue to develop. You guessed it. They draft at #14. The line is perfect with the Texans sitting there at 13 also. The Eagles would love it if he fell into their arms. If you go under/over will come down to whether he would get past the Ravens.

Kyle Hamilton – 10.5 

Possibly the prospect with the biggest disparity between where he is ranked on big boards and where he is getting mocked. Rightly or wrongly, he is falling down boards because he is a safety. He is a true ‘generational’ talent at the postition for me and is my #1 player. Now looking unlikely to go top 10 the over may be the better bet here. Someone has to fall out of the top 10 and all the chatter is that it could be Kyle Hamilton.

Malik Willis – 10.5 

Malik Willis
Image Credit: USA Today

Willis has emerged as the quarterback talent that is most likely to be drafted highly, in what has been deemed a down year at QB. Personally, I find it unlikely that he falls past 8 or 9. But, if he does then the slide is on and you may see a team such as the Steelers look at trading up. 

Nakobe Dean – 30.5 

For all that Dean is superb at on the field, his lack of height has certainly harmed him during this pre-draft process. Pair that with a position which isn’t valued as highly in the first round in linebacker, I would be taking the over. 

Trevor Penning – 16.5 

It seems the NFL is a lot higher on Trevor Penning than many in the media. So don’t be surprised if he ends up going earlier than expected. The line is set every enticingly at 16.5. the obvious candidate here is the Saints. But, if the board falls that one of the tackles falls further than expected Penning could slide below this number. Whether you fancy going over or under will depend on if the big 3 tackles in Neal, Cross and Ekwonu all go top 10.

Tyler Linderbaum – 27.5 

Tyler Linderbaum
Image Credit: Dailey Iowan

A scheme dependent player at a position that is deemed less valuable. 27.5 seems a little low. Bengals are the fashionable team for Linderbaum to be mocked to at 31.

Disclaimer – this article is for information/entertainment purposes only and is not advice or an advertisement for placing any bet. 

Please remember, if you are planning on betting on the NFL Draft then please bet responsibility and only bet what you can afford to lose. 

 If you need help with any gambling issues then call 1-800 GAMBLER in the USA or visit in the UK. 

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