Top 10: Ninety-Nine Yards all time most read

Top 10: Ninety-Nine Yards all time most read
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Top 10: Ninety-Nine Yards all time most read articles

Everybody loves a list. A top ten always seems to get people talking. So what if we took a look inwards? As we recenlty went over 2000 articles published on the site I thought it might be fun to see which have grabbed the most attention. That way we could take a look at what the most popular articles were that were published since the beginning on the Ninety-Nine Yards website.

It will be an interesting Christmas experiment to see just what our readers picked up on the most. What will it be? Let’s take a look.

Top Ten – number 10

Sitting proudly at the start of the list is this gem from Adam Barton, about the (then) future of Matty Ice – Is Matt Ryan Done in Atlanta? This one generated lots of views, interest and debate in the run up to Christmas last year.

Of course now we know the answer!

Number 9

Sitting at number 9 is a little bit of NFL history. The 1000/1000 men of the NFL written by yours truly. This one took a look at Roger Craig, Marshall Faulk, and Christian McCaffrey – the only three men in NFL history to have 1000 yards rushing and 1000 yards receiving in a single season.

This is the article that has been on the site the longest of all the Top-10 listed articles listed here.

Now that we have an extra game in the season will we see this happen more often that the 3 times it was seen over the span of a century of NFL football?

Number 8

Here starts a theme. Our consistently most popular articles are scouting reports. And writing many of those reports is Owain Jones. Get used to seeing his scouting reports in the coming list!

At number 8 we have his 2020 scouting report on Clemson QB Trevor Lawrence. Where he noted that he was regarded ‘in the NFL and most scouts see him as a shoe in for the #1 overall pick come the 2021 NFL Draft’. So it proved, and now Jacksonville fans will hope that ultimately he can lead them to relevance.

Number 7

So far we have seen an NFL article, and NFL history article, and a college scouting report. But coming in at number 7 is something else – an article about the CFL.

This one looked at the teams that have been and gone from the CFL landscape. The article refers to ‘defunct CFL teams’. Those that were gone but not fogotten. Meaning teams that had been part of the CFL since its inaugural season in 1958. There may be many more defunct teams on the Canadian landscape. A limit had to be put somewhere!

Number 6

The first half of this list is rounded out by this article. Which takes a look at the top ten super bowl passer rating performances of all time. You might be surprised to learn that Tom Brady is only on the list once – and only with Tampa Bay.

If you know your Super Bowl history you probably know who sits at number one. But, if not, it might surprise you. A Top 10 list within another Top 10 list. Did we mention at the start how everybody loves a list?

Top ten – number 5

It is at this stage we start to get an appreciaton for just how popular the college scouting reports are. This is the first one to appear in the top five. And because four of the top five articles are scouting reports by Owain.

This one looked at Ohio’s Justin Fields. It starts out, ‘Justin Fields is a top prospect. He is a talent that has all the tools to make it at the next level’. 

As Fields already has 2 NFL records, (Most rushing yards by a quarterback in a regular season game: 178, and most games consecutively with a rushing TD by a QB-6, you cannot really argue with the assessment. He is certainly one of the best rushing quarterbacks right now.

Number 4

This is it. We are in the heart of Owain’s college scouting reports now. Coming in as our fourth most popular article is this one on Micah Parsons of Penn State. Clearly there was a lot of interest around before the 2021 Draft!

Parsons was described here as ‘a rare talent. It isn’t often off the ball linebackers come with Parsons’ size, speed and abilities’. Now that he’s a Pro Bowler that looks like a pretty good assessment to me.

Number 3

In third place on the list we have, surely to no-ones surprise at this point, a scouting report. This one looked at Zach Wilson of BYU.

‘No one has improved their draft stock more than Zach Wilson over the past year. He is now widely regarded as a first round prospect who could go as high as #2 overall come April’. That’s what Owain had to say. The man must have had a crystal ball as Wilson went number 2 overall to the New York Jets.

Number 2

One place from the peak and we have a familiar face for UK football fans. Oh, and this one isn’t a scouting report!

It had to take someone or something special to break up the popularity of the scouting reports. That someone was UK fan favourite Jeff Reinebold. As we took a look at Jeff saying sayonara to the Tiger-Cats.

Jeff has a connection with the UK fan base. He has been involved with NFLUK live tours. As well as covering the NFL on Sky Sports. He can even occasionally be seen at an NFL viewing party in the UK.

Of course some of us (me) think of him on a CFL sideline first. Either way it is little surprise that UK fans and CFL fans were interested in what Jeff was doing when he moved on from the 3 down game.

Perhaps a fitting tribute to Jeff’s enduring popularity is the fact that this is the most recenlty published of all the Top-10 articles.

Top 10 – number 1

The top 10 number 1, sitting proudly at the top of the list is another scouting report gem from Owain. This one focused on Trey Lance. 49ers fans may note that Owain had this to say, ‘ it is likely that those with aging quarterbacks drafting high take a chance on him as the quarterback of the future.’ It remains to be seen how that pans out in the Bay.

But, as ever, the scouting reports remain popular, dominating the top five on this list. And ultimately it feels right that one of the scouting reports sits at the pinnacle of our all-time Top 10.  

Feature Image Credit: buckeyeswire-usatoday

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