Britain’s got talent – and it’s heading to the CFL

Britain’s got talent – and it’s heading to the CFL
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Britain’s got talent. This isn’t about the eponymous talent show. Rather it is about opportunity knocking for Britball players in the shape of the CFL.

I believe there are players on this shore who can make an impact if given opportunities. Now, following the announcement of a partnership between the CFL and BAFA, those chances are being further extended.

Over on the 3Downnation website, the news was broken by John Hodge that, “The CFL is inviting more global players to the national combine in 2020, this time from Great Britain.”

Opportunity Knocks thanks to CFL 2.0

This opportunity comes thanks to the CFL 2.0 strategy designed to extend reach and strengthen international bonds for the league. Which goes back to the very beginning of Randy Ambrosie’s tenure as commissioner.

Ambrosie has been adamant that the CFL needs to think big and have confidence on the global stage. This is all part of following that through.

We have already seen partnerships developed. BAFA became the tenth leading federation or league from various gridiron football playing countries to join the CFL community. Alongisde Scandinavian leagues, and agreements with leagues in MexicoGermanyFrance & Austria.

Joining The Chase

That CFL 2.0 strategy has already been in full swing. There have been for example an international combine, and a European Draft already.

Not everyone agrees with the CFL2.0 approach, but the league seems determined to use it as a tool to extend their reach.

Teams have been required to dress one ‘global’ player this year. In some cases they are just there as support, but some such as Winnipeg linebacker Thiadric Hansen and Hamilton kicker Gabriel Amavizca¬† have seen playing time.

Fans in the UK will be familiar with Hamilton’s special teams’ coach Jeff Reienebold. Given his history with NFLEurope & an ability to think outside of the box for developing players, it is perhaps unsurprising that he gave Amavizca the chance to become a quiz question answer as the first global player to score in the CFL.

I think at the very least this can be a great experience for players from British teams. Imagine, whether they make it or not being able to come back and talk about their time at the CFL combine.

It is bound to make an impression and if they are telling other players about it back home, make an impression on them too.

We don’t know how this will all play out, but as ever it will be a lot of fun finding out.

Banner Image: BAFA shows a range of new men & women’s British team jerseys. Image from

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